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The EL Center is committed to providing high quality services to educators of English Language Learners, PK-12.  We offer professional development, networking and onsite consultation, and we serve as a liaison to the Department of Public Instruction. CESA 7 staff aims to provide leadership for EL students in Northeast Wisconsin.

Priorities for the EL Center are to: 

a) meet the needs of schools and districts to create high quality EL    educational programs 

b) train teachers in best EL instructional practices and ACCESS testing

c) develop a strong regional network for teachers, administrators, and  EL coordinators for information sharing and support   

d) Develop positive partnerships with community agencies for sharing and discussion of EL issues.


Services available for CESA 7 Title III Consortium member districts include:

  • Leadership in high quality EL educational programming among CESA 7 schools and districts
  • Coordination of annual EL series of high quality professional development for all area educators
  • Attendance at all EL Series one-day workshops for unlimited participants for reduced registration fees (not including separate book fee)
  • Free day of onsite consultation in best instructional practices,  assessment, ELL curriculum and materials, scaffolds and modifications, and/or legal requirements
  • Liaison to DPI
  • Participation at regularly scheduled EL Network meetings for sharing and professional development with focus on timely issues and topics in EL education at no cost
  • Language proficiency assessments for reduced fees
  • Providing access to EL instructional resource materials at reduced fees
  • Liaison with community EL programs to develop partnerships that support EL families and their children
  • Coordination of the CESA 7 Title III Consortium Grant and other related grants
  • Facilitation of the EL Network four times per year for sharing timely topics and issues
  • Meeting the needs of districts and schools to create high quality EL programs
  • Training teachers in best EL practices
  • Developing a strong regional network for EL teachers and coordinators


If you have a question, need help, or have a suggestion of how we can better assist you, please let us know! 

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