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All courses are aligned to national and state standards. Course goals and objectives are available upon request. Each course is equal to .5 credits, which is granted by the local school district upon completion. Course fees are charged per student, per course and include registration, software, course facilitation by a Wisconsin certified teacher, and technical support.

All high school and middle school courses are semester courses, and students are given 5 months from the date of enrollment to complete each course for fall and spring terms. Credit recovery courses are given 12 weeks to complete.

College level courses are given specific dates to complete the course.

Cost for NEWON members is $275 per course enrollment for non college credit courses. Credit Recovery courses are $250 per enrollment. College courses are the current college prices.

Note: Students receive a free 14 day trial from the start date of the course without penalty for all courses except the college level courses. College courses will be charged prorated based on how much the course has been completed up until 14 days. After 14 days, the course will be charged in full.

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