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Online posting of any USAD® materials is only permitted on a password-protected school website for use by a registered team(s). Violators risk disqualification.

School Size Divisions – 2017-2018

Upon the completion of the Team Registration process in mid-October, teams will be separated into four size divisions. As always, the divisions will be based on high school enrollment. 

Schools will compete in the size division, assigned by the WIAD Office, according to their official high school enrollment, based on the “3rd Friday of September count,” from the previous year.

This process results in a more equal distribution of schools in the four divisions.


For the 2017-2018 Competition Season:

  • Local Competition will, starting this year, be online, occurring at each registered high school.
  • NO LONGER will the Science and Social Science be covered as a single shared test; there will be seven separate Tests of Knowledge at each level of competition.
  • At State Competition, the Super Quiz Relay team score will be added to each team’s point total; individual awards have been eliminated, except to those decathletes mastering all five questions.



2017 Essential Information for Coaches … as released by USAD® and enhanced with information pertaining to the WIAD Program.  


» 2017-2018 Registration Form«  Local Competition – Tuesday, Nov. 14, 2017
       (Registration is $400 if registered by October 13; $450 until October 20; no registrations   
       accepted after October 20)

Schools may also register Alternate Teams — 2017-2018 Alternate Team Registration Form w-Policy


Team Entry Fees

Local Competition  – $400 Note:  After the first team is registered, the entry fee is progresively reduced by $50 for each additional complete team.  A complete team consists of a minimum of six students, appropriately placed in the three GPA categories.

Regional Competition – $500

State Competition – $600




Posted 10-26-12  –  USAD has an Online Testing and Training Site accessible to AD teams as well as individual students! 


The USAD® Online Testing and Training Center is a powerful USAD® competition resource for students to work with daily to prepare to match intellects with students from around the country through Academic Decathlon Team Competitions.  

This amazing site is accessible to AD teams as well as individual students. In addition to an abundance of online practice test questions, the training center includes additional study features, such as Online Flash Cards, Online Quick Quizzes, Online Scrimmages, Head-to-Head Challenges, and an Online Puzzle Maker.

Coaches may request a FREE TRIAL of the Online Testing and Training Site through USAD® ( 

Please provide coach’s name, email address, high school, and state.  The subject line should read “Online Training Site Trial.”  Please indicate if you want the trial as a coach and student or just as a coach.  


2017-2018 USAD® Calculator Policy

USAD will allow the use of any model graphing calculator — provided it has none of the features listed in Section III of the USAD Calculator Policy.


Note:  Programmable graphing calculators brought into the testing room do NOT need to be cleared of all information stored in the memory. 
Decathletes sign a Competition Conduct Form prior to competition events stating they will follow the current calculator policy as approved by USAD® and WIAD.

Calculators may be used (and allowed on desk top) for the Mathematics test only.

USAD Calculator Policy     

Short List of Approved USAD Calculators


Looking for help/advice to get started and stay motivated?!?

Download Helpful Hints from Veteran Coaches and stay on track this season.

Download a Overview of the Written Tests for coaches developed by a veteran coach

and updated for the Coaches’ Workshop.

Download a Team Recruitment – Selection document developed by a veteran coach for the

Coaches’ Workshop.


USAD’s process for curriculum development has been released for everyone’s information.
Click Here to view.


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USAD® announces a “Study App” of the curriculum materials. 

USAD’s goal is to provide AD teams with opportunities to experience fun, useful, interactive

and valuable ways to prepare for future Academic Decathlon® competitions.

Click Here to view USAD’s products offered this season

Flashing Red BulletHonor Cords for Graduating Team Members

Honor Cords are available for Graduating Team Members from Texas Academic Decathlon.

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