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Flashing Red Bullet  2017-2018 Competition Conduct Form — Applies to the entire season.


Wisconsin Academic Decathlon is a statewide scholastic competition for high school students from both the public and private schools throughout the State.

WIAD expects all team members to conduct themselves with decorum while attending Academic Decathlon events.  

A school administrator, all coaches and team members (plus alternates) must sign the Competition Conduct Form in order to be eligible to participate.

The Competition Conduct Form is submitted at Local Competition and applies to the entire season.

Wisconsin Academic Decathlon


                            Janelle Bailey, State Director

                                   595 Baeten Road

                                   Green Bay, WI   54304

                                   Ph: (920) 617-5617

                                   Fax: (920) 492-5965


The Wisconsin Academic Decathlon Program

is an equal opportunity organization.





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