For all events, participants and coaches are expected to dress appropriately,
in non-offensive and non-distracting attire.  Shoes are to be worn at all times. 

Casual wear, such as team t-shirts and jeans or khakis, is acceptable during the written tests
at the Local and State Competition — and during the State Super Quiz Relay. 

Hats and hoods are not permitted at any event.

The recommended attire for Speeches and Interview at Regional and State Competition — as well as the State Awards Banquet is as follows: a collared shirt (tie) with slacks, with a sport coat or a suit for males, and a blouse/top with a skirt or slacks, or a suit or dress, for females.

Failure to comply with dress standards may result in disqualification from the event, the entire competition and the awards ceremony.

The decision of the WIAD State Director is final.

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