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What is the

criteria for team selection?

The unique format of each team consists of A, B and C, Level students.  The Academic Decathlon focuses on the importance of developing well-rounded individuals and provides incentive for the average student, as well as providing the opportunity for academically talented students to participate in intellectual activities.  

The skills obtained and practiced are used throughout life and in corporate America.  Businesses of the future need our high school students of today to gain skills, knowledge and confidence to remain competitive.


Are volunteers needed?


We encourage you to become a part of the Academic Decathlon by volunteering your services as a test proctor, or as a speech, interview or essay judge at the Regional or State Competition.


How can I help financially


the Decathlon?

WIAD is a non-profit organization sponsored 100% through private
donations and team registration fees.  The program has an established 501(c) (3) designation.  You may chose to make a monetary contribution toward general operational expenses or sponsor an event, award or scholarship at competition.  

Tax deductible contributions to Wisconsin Academic Decathlon / CESA 7 are exempt from federal income tax, EIN 39-1515860, under Section 509(a)(2) of the Internal Revenue Code as an organization described in Section 501(c)(3).

Without  financial support from all of our Wisconsin communities, this successful program cannot continue.  For sponsorship information, contact State Director, Janelle Bailey, at 920/617-5617……….or by email at 


How do I register?

You may register May 15 thru October 13 by completing your Registration/Application Form.  Submit form electronically to:, or via US Mail to:  WIAD / CESA 7, 595 Baeten Road, Green Bay, WI  54304.   Registration Form is available to download from the WIAD website at

Your team is officially registered upon application approval by the WIAD Office.  You will receive an acknowledgement memo approximately three working days after receiving the team’s registration form.  If you do not receive acknowledgement a week after registering, contact the WIAD Office.

Note:  A late registration fee is applied after October 13.

Late team registrations will NOT be accepted after October 20.


When do we pay the entry fee?

Anytime from May 15 to November 1. 

Do not delay in sending in your Team Registration Form because you don’t have the entry fee.  Upon receipt of this form, your school district will be billed for the entry fee and you will be put on the active registration list to receive testing materials and all communications.

All fees are non-refundable.  Your team registration also assumes the commitment to accept the opportunity to advance to the next level of competition when the team score warrants it.


Where do I go

with questions throughout the season?

The Competition Handbook.   Testing schedules for Local and Regional Competition are listed along with program information. 

The handbook demonstrates how to verify students’ GPAs for team eligibility and provides the policies, rules, and regulations for competing at the Local and Regional levels of competition. 

Most, if not all, of your questions are addressed in the handbook.

A copy may be purchased for $30 when a team registers, or a coach may download the handbook from the WIAD website at no cost:


If your question is not answered in the Competition Handbook, contact the State Director at


When are transcripts due?

You are requested to submit your transcripts at the Local Competition site — review Section IV Transcript Verification in the Competition Handbook to determine team members’ GPA.

Failure to submit official transcripts will result in team disqualification. 

It is the school’s responsibility to verify that each student is eligible to compete at their A, B or C level according to Decathlon GPA Guidelines.  All transcripts are forwarded to the WIAD Office for verification of the eligibility of your team for Regional advancement.


What if I have

extra students

that I want to test at the Local round?

The Academic Decathlon Program allows the school to register more than one team.  In this way, you can give the Academic Decathlon experience to more students than your official team. 

After the first team is registered, the entry fee is progressively reduced by $50 for each additional complete team.  Note that a complete team sonsists of a minimum of six students, appropriately placed in each of the GPA categories.

2017-2018 Registration Form w-Policy for Local Competition

Note: Your regional team may be comprised of a combination of students from your local teams.

Additional alternates (1 to 5 students), short of a full nine-member team, are also allowed to take the Local tests — with their registered team — for a “reduced” fee. 

Note:  Alternate team members will NOT be eligible to receive award ribbons.  Contact the WIAD Office for more information.

2017-2018 Alternate Team Registration Form w-Policy

bullet Can I take a student whose GPA places them in the Scholastic range and have that student compete at the Varsity level?


A student may test UP to a higher level, but not DOWN. 

For placement on the team roster, a Varsity student can test at any level

A Scholastic student can test at the Scholastic level — or may be moved UP to test at the Honor level. 


An Honor student can ONLY test at the Honor level.


What if we don’t get enough students to have nine (9) on the team?

You still can have an official team if you have at least two Honor, two Scholastic, and two Varsity students.

You may test with an ‘incomplete’ (less than six students) team for the experience at Local Competition.  Students are still eligible for individual award ribbons.  This may help you to develop your team for next year. 

Or, view the “Cooperative Team” option under the next bullet.


Is it possible for students from two different schools to form one team?

Yes, the option to form a “Cooperative Team” is available providing that one, or both of the schools do not currently participate. 

An application must be filed with the WIAD Office and permission granted from the interested school district(s).

Contact for an application form.


Do we need to purchase the USAD materials?

To be competitive and give your students the best opportunity for success in advancing to the next level of competition, you must have the USAD® curriculum materials, including the assigned novel and the Study Guide. 

USAD® produces a music CD with all the selected excerpts needed for the audio portion of the music test, an Art Booklet with reproductions of the selected pieces of art, Resource Guides and Student Exercise Books for each of the written test subjects. 


What if I have a student who was home-schooled?

Home-schooled students can only be allowed to participate if the school/district, that they would normally attend, allows home-schooled students to participate in other extracurricular activities.   

If the State Director allows home-schooled students to participate, these students will automatically be classified as HONOR ‘A’ students — unless valid transcripts can be provided. 

If a student was home schooled for only one of the two qualifying years, such student may qualify to compete in a category other than Honors. 

All ‘A’ grades must be applied to the core courses for the year the student was home schooled (math, science, history and English).  Combine the ‘A’ grades, with those from the available transcript, to compute the student’s final GPA.


When should we start?

Get organized in the spring.

Start recruiting potential team members so they can listen to the music CD and read the novel over the summer.  Order your study materials from USAD in May for August distribution.

Attend the annual Coaches’ Workshop in the fall. 

*Scheduled for the 2017-2018 season on Friday, September 15, 2017 at CESA 7, 595 Baeten Road, Green Bay, WI  54304


Can we use a word processor

or dictionary to write the essay?


Can an alternate student submit a written essay?

YES, an alternate student for Regional Competition is allowed to write the essay within the dates specified (test window) by the State Director.

Coach may request up to three EXTRA essay booklets for alternate students if coach had a double team at Local Competition, or if he carried alternates. 

E-mail request to two weeks prior to the regional Essay Test Window.


What if I have a sick or missing student during

the essay test window?

There is no make-up of the essay test

All students must write during the test window. 

Absent students (regardless of reason) will receive a “0” score. 


When do we receive test answer sheets

for Regional Competition?

Test answer sheets are not sent to the coach, as is done for Local Competition.

Test answer sheets are provided for the students in the test rooms at each site.


What if I have a question on a course’s content?

Contact State Director for verification at


Click Here to Download Frequently Asked Questions from the Competition Handbook.


Wisconsin Academic Decathlon


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The Wisconsin Academic Decathlon Program

is an equal opportunity organization.




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