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Prior to Local Competition, coaches should refer to Section IV, Transcript Verification in the Coaches’ Handbook, for step by step instructions for calculating and submitting the GPAS of their students.
NOTE:  Use only 8th grade transcripts to determine the GPA of freshmen.
Flashing Red BulletANY team, or individual, that qualifies to participate in a USAD National Competition (in person or online) will be required to submit transcripts and completed USAD® Excel Worksheets, with GPA computations.
Step-byStep Instructions

1.   Start a GPA Computation Cover Sheet and an Excel Worksheet for each team member.
2.    Highlight the courses used to calculate the GPA of each student on their transcripts, following the Accepted/Unaccepted Courses listing on pages 26 & 27 of the Competition Handbook.
3.    Count grades only at face valueNO PLUS OR MINUS GRADES ARE TO BE USED.
 The letter grades on transcript must be used.  For 9th grade students, obtain their 8th grade transcript only.  All eligible quarter grades must be used in the GPA calculation unless the grade report shows Semester Averages – then you can use the semester average for each course.  Each quarter grade counts as one course regardless of any credits.
4.    DO NOT USE the Cumulative GPA as Listed on Student’s Official Transcript.
      For purposes of For purposes of Academic Decathlon, this must be recalculated.
5.    Review each student transcript following USAD’s Instructions for GPA Calculation and complete an Excel Worksheet for each student.  The formulas embedded in the worksheet will automatically calculate each student’s GPA.
6.    Finalize the bottom box of the GPA Computation Cover Sheet with the student’s GPA — as determined by the USAD® Excel worksheet.
7.    Attach the Official Transcripts and the completed Excel worksheet for each student to the GPA Computation Cover Sheet to turn in to the Test Director at Local Competition.
8.    If you have any questions, call or email the State Director at

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