2017-18 Academic Decathlon Season

Interested in setting up a scrimmage with other schools in your area?

Below are the scrimmages set up this year from the Pewaukee Coach, Cathy Walz, who is willing to help other schools set up scrimmages in their area if there is interest.

Contact Cathy Walz at walzcat@pewaukeeschools.org

Schools are also welcome to attend Pewaukee’s scrimmages, but schools need to RSVP at least two weeks in advance to scrimmage date so arrangements can be made to accommodate extra teams.


Local Scrimmage: Monday, November 6, 2017, at PHS from 4-7pm.

The time is somewhat flexible and we start as soon as all schools can get here. We will use the USAD medium level exams and on the music section there will not be a listening portion but we will discuss it and explain what it is like on test day.  We do offer a combined SS/sci test.  We test in the same orders as at locals with a dinner break in between.  I will assign different schools items to have their kids bring for our potluck dinner.  We run results as the kids test and at the end of the night we do a very quick scoring breakdown/awards ceremony giving Wisconsin ACADEC t-shirts to the top kid in each category (honors, scholastic and varsity).

Regional Scrimmage: Tuesday, December 19, 2017, in a PHS classroom from 6:00-8:00 PM. Since kids have the hang of testing we do a speech scrimmage before regionals. We spread the kids out across a variety of rooms (each room will have some varsity, scholastic and honors kids in it and a mix of schools).  Each student will deliver their prepared speech in front of the small group, two judges and a timer, then they will give an impromptu speech just as they would behind the closed doors at regionals.  The judges write down as many comments as they can and the kids will get that feedback at the end of the night.  

There is no official scoring with this, or awards, it is just a lot of really nice feedback for the kids and gives them the rare opportunity to see a variety of other speeches. Typically each school brings some waters or some snacks/cookies and we put them in the rooms for people to munch on.

Super Quiz Scrimmage: Tuesday, February 27, 2018,  6:00-7:30pm PHS Auditorium.

Our scrimmage before state is a super quiz scrimmage. We pull questions from DemiDec focus quizzes and run it relay style on a stage, as similar to the actual event as we can.

Anyone can come watch. Even if your team doesn’t make it to state you are still invited so you can get the feel for what the super quiz event is like — or maybe drum up interest for next year.  We’ve talked about making some kind of trophy but as of yet there is no award with this.  Last year we made a super team of all the attending school’s alternates and they ended up winning!

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