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The Academic Pentathlon is an academic competition for 7th and 8th graders in five different events — Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, English/Language Arts (Essay) and a Super Quiz.   Academic Pentathlon™ was created to provide opportunities for students to experience the challenges of rigorous team and individual competition. 

The students compete as individuals and as members of a school team.  There is one meet per year — in late spring.

Founded in Orange County, California in 1984, the Pentathlon is a means of fostering scholastic excellence among students who represent a wide diversity of personal and academic backgrounds and interests.  Separate competitions are held for seventh and eighth graders, although they may be held at the same site.

A unique aspect of Academic Pentathlon is that it is designed to include students from all academic abilities.

Each nine-member team is divided evenly into three divisions — according to GPA.  The Honors division is for the students with a GPA of 3.75 – 4.00, Scholastic is 3.00 – 4.749, and Varsity is less than 3.00. 

The two students in each division that have the highest accumulated score of all five events will have their scores added together to arrive at the tam score at the end of the competition.  Therefore, a team may consist of two Honor, two Scholastic and two Varsity students, and still compete.  Each team member will compete for individual honors. 

The nine students will be numbered as follows:  Honors – 1, 2 3;  Scholastic – 4, 5, 6;  Varsity – 7, 8, 9

The Super Quiz team will consist of the nine students per team with the two highest scoring students in the Super Quiz Event in each division counting toward the team’s Super Quiz score.

 To determine the GPA division for each student:

For 7th Grade — The fall and spring semesters of the 6th grade, plus any summer school prior to 7th grade.

For 8th Grade — The fall and spring semesters of the 7th grade, plus any summer school prior to the 8th grade. 

The only subjects to be used in averaging grades are:  Language Arts (English & Reading), Mathematics, Science and Social Studies.   If a student received an “F” in any course, the “F” is counted as a class taken, even though no credit was earned.  Incompletes are not counted.

In calculating the GPA, use the common scale:  A = 4 points, B = 3 points, C = 2 points, D = 1 point, F = 0 points

Add up the points for the above named classes only, and divide by the number of grades counted.

The five events are 30-minute exams in Mathematics, Science and Social Studies, a 45-minute essay in Language Arts, and the Super Quiz.  The student will have 15 minutes to organize thoughts and 30 minutes to write the essay.  The essay will have three prompts and the student will write on one of them.

Following the essay and the three exams, the final event is the Super Quiz, which is open to the public.  Parents, friends, classmates, teachers and administrators all come to cheer their team on.  The format will be similar to the Academic Decathlon format where all of the Honors-1 students come to the floor of the testing arena and they answer 5-10 questions.  Once that group is finished, Honors-2 students will go to the floor and answer their questions.  This is repeated until all nine students have been to the floor and have answered their questions.  An awards ceremony will follow the Super Quiz.

What are the Benefits?



 Riverview Elementary

attended the 1st USAD Pentathlon National Competition

in Omaha, NB on May 23-24, 2014.

Riverview Middle School Resized

Coached by Stacy Evans, the Riverview Pentathlon team consisting of:  Ethan Dahlen, Andrew Colletti, Michael Williams, Quintin Girardi, Jack Stoppenbach, Tyler Pitcher, Stormy Grumbeck and Brenna Simmons represented the State of Wisconsin at the Pentathlon Nationals in Omaha.  The team finished 9th overall and 9th in the Super Quiz Competition; Brenna Simmons was the top scorer for the team.

Congratulations to the Riverview Pentathletes!


Wisconsin Academic Decathlon


           Janelle Bailey, State Director

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                  Green Bay, WI  54304

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