National Online Competition

for Small/Medium/Large Schools

offered by United States Academic Decathlon®

April 21, 2017

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The online competition event takes place
simultaneously with the annual National Competition.


This is the tenth year of Wisconsin’s participation in USAD’s “Virtual Competition.”

Decathletes individually test in eight events, accumulating points for the team total.

Speech, Interview and Super Quiz Relay components are not included.

Social Science


Representing Wisconsin:

Flashing Red BulletMarathon High School – Small School Competition

Coach Brad Ness
Edward Kindlarski Kaylie Augustus Silas Beranek
Ann Seliger Casey Krasselt Jacob Hilgendorf
Marlena Strasser Madelyn Lyons Kyle Pozorski

Flashing Red BulletWatertown High School – Medium School Competition

Coaches Chris Kemp, Pamela Suski & Kristine Meloy
Johnathon Frank Charlie Neder Sean McCarthy
Isabelle Wangerin Erik Crnkovich Oliver (Kaytlynn) Jenne
Breanna Callaway Quinlan Bedford Tatiana Walsh

Flashing Red BulletSun Prairie High School – Large School Competition

Coaches Cheryl Andreasen & David Flottum
Samuel Keal Vishnu Yarlagadda Wyatt Moodie
Joseph Reindl Gabriel Beestrum Wyatt Plumley
Davis Lohr Alyssa Hintz Kurtis Moodie


2016-2017 Season Results

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per Division

of Schools Competing in the Online Competition

Small School Online Competition

BASIS Chandler H S AZ 29,681.7
South Central Calhoun H S IA 28,732.5
St. Helena H S CA 28,256.9

Medium School Online Competition

Edgewood H S CA 40,147.8
NW PA Collegiate Academy PA 34,661.0
Watertown H S WI 29,884.4
Large School Online Competition
El Camino Real Charter H S CA 42,153.8
Dulles H S TX 37,628.9
McDowell H S PA 33,119.6


The goal of the Small/Medium/Large School Online Competition is to enhance learning, growth and recognition of Academic Decathlon to more schools and students.

A state must have a current Academic Decathlon program.


School enrollment of competing online schools:

— not to exceed 650 (grades 9-12) for a small school

— not to exceed 1,300 (grades 9-12) for a medium school

— enrollment of 1301 or higher for a large school


Schools participating in the small/medium/large school competitions must not be the same team participating in the USAD® National Finals.
Teams in each competing state will be selected and certified by the State Director.
(The National Office will do the certification if a state does not have a State Director.)
Date of the competition will be held the same days as the National competition.
Number of events (8): Essay, Literature, Art, Music, Math, Science, Social Science and Economics.

Please contact Jessica Cole, USA® Customer Service, with any questions.


Flashing Red Bullet NATIONAL ENTRY FEES  

$600 team fee for National Competition

$250 team fee for Online National Competition

$250 individual fee for National Competition

$29.95 individual fee for Online National Competition 


National Organization, United States Academic Decathlon® 


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