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Wisconsin Academic Decathlon is a statewide Scholastic Competition

for high school students from both the public and private schools

throughout the State. 

This unique educational opportunity is for A, B & C level students — not just the “elite” student.

The program provides opportunities for students to experience the challenges of rigorous team and individual competition. 

WIAD is designed to:

  • develop a greater respect for knowledge
  • promote inter-school academic competition
  • emphasize the need for increase communication skills
  • stimulate intellectual growth and achievement and development of team efforts

WIAD challenges students to push themselves beyond what they thought academically possible — motivating and recapturing their interest in academics. 

The program rewards the heroes of the academic arena.  It encourages “C” students to excel beyond their current achievement level and teaches other students they have strengths they can contribute to the team,

WIAD is an equal opportunity organization.

Wisconsin Academic Decathlon Staff

 Janelle Bailey

 State Director

  595 Baeten Road

  Green Bay WI   54304

  Ph: (920) 617-5617

  Fax: (920) 492-5965

The Wisconsin Academic Decathlon Program

is an equal opportunity organization.





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