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posted August 16, 2017

For the 2017-2018 Competition Season

  • The Science and Social Science tests will no longer be combined at Local Competition, effective with the 2017-18 season. Separate Science and Social Science tests will be taken.
  • The Art test will include art images at Local Competition.

Note:  After the first team is registered for Local Competition, the entry fee will be reduced progressively by $50 for each additional complete team.

(A complete team consists of a minimum of six students, with a minimum of two, appropriately placed in each of the GPA categories.)

FYI –   Coaches, please be aware that two essay prompts will be offered at Regional Competition, each based on the featured long work of literature, Things Fall Apart by Chinua Achebe.

Three prompts will be offered at State Competition — from the various subjects studied.

The Super Quiz Relay at State Competition will include nine rounds of five questions each, based on all subjects, -except Math.


posted June 21, 2017

UW-Waukesha will host the Milwaukee site for the 2018 Regional Competition.


Posted June 9, 2016


At the June 2016 meeting of the WIAD Board, it was determined that WIAD will follow USAD’s policy; teams will be separated into four size divisions — upon the completion of the Team Registration process in mid-October. As always, the divisions will be based on high school enrollment — refer to the Team Selection Process on page 15.  Schools will compete in the size division, assigned by the WIAD Office, according to their official high school enrollment, based on the “3rd Friday of September count,” from the previous year.

The revised process will result in a more equal distribution of schools in each of the four divisions.


Posted June 7, 2016

Watertown Daily Times Online – 6-7-16

JUNEAU — The Dodgeland High School class of 2016 announces its valedictorian Natalie Schmidt and salutatorian Nikita Patel.

Schmidt, daughter of Dennis Schmidt and Pamela Shrock-Schmidt of Juneau, has a cumulative GPA of 4.255. She will be attending the University of Wisconsin-Madison, where she will study animal science as a pre-veterinary major.

Natalie has completed a rigorous academic program while attending Dodgeland High School. In addition to her academic excellence, Schmidt is a student athlete, a member of the National Honor Society, student council, student senate, FFA president and is a member of the state qualifying Academic Decathlon and mock trial teams.

Patel, daughter of Subhash and Manju Patel of Reeseville, has a cumulative GPA of 4.183. She will attend UW-Madison following graduation from Dodgeland High School.

Nikita intends to major in kinesiology, as a preparation for graduate coursework in physical therapy.

In addition to being an excellent scholar, she has participated in athletics and multiple student organizations including National Honor Society, student council, student senate, and the state qualifying Academic Decathlon and mock trial teams.

Dodgeland High School’s graduation will be Sunday at 1 p.m.


 June 1, 2016

Governor  Scott Walker comes to Wilmot UHS
o honor Academic Decathlon Team!

Wilmot w-Walker


Posted 3-10-16

Decathlon on the News 


Posted 3-28-16. 

Salem Town Board recognizes Wilmot UHS academic decathlon team for 2016 state title.
Mar 26th, 2016 by Darren Hillock.

Salem town Chairman Diann Tesar (left) and Wilmot Union High School academic decathlon team members Joey Burba and Carlie Banchi.

Salem town Chairman Diann Tesar (left) and Wilmot Union High School Academic Decathlon team members Joey Burba and Carlie Banchi.

Read full story at:



Posted 2-12-16 

USAD is excited to announce that a total of nine US and nine International students will be invited to compete at National Competition in Anchorage, AK.   Please note the $250 fee for Individual Competition.
Interested Individuals may sign up at:
2017-2018 USAD Curriculum Materials     a work in progress……..
USAD will post a pre-order form for 2017-2018 USAD materials in the Information column on the USAD landing page.   Shipping begins May 15, 2017. 



 NATIONAL ENTRY FEES for 2017    updated 3-16-17

$600 team fee for Wisconsin National Competition

$250 team fee for Online National Competition

$250 individual fee for Wisconsin National Competition

$29.95 individual fee for Online National Competition

Posted 6-21-16
As teams begin working with the 2016-2017 curriculum materials, please be aware of the Common Core and National Content Standards that are addressed by USAD’s curriculum for this year.   Below are two documents (one is a short version) that lists the standards that are addressed in each of the subject areas, and this same document can also be accessed on USAD’s website:
Posted 5-12-15
WIAD is reverting to our ‘old’ system to determine student grade point averages!

WIAD will not require coaches to use the USAD® Excel GPA Worksheets (for transcript calculations) for the upcoming seasons.
Prior to Local Competition, coaches should refer to Section IV, Transcript Verification in the Competition Handbook, for step by step instructions for calculating and submitting the GPAs of their students.
Use only 8th grade transcripts to determine the GPA of freshmen.   Effective as of the 2014-2015 season, 7th grade transcripts are no longer to be included, as part of the USAD GPA Calculation, to determine the official category (Honor, Scholastic, Varsity) of Freshman players.

Only the 8th grade transcript (plus, any grades received over the summer between their 8th and 9th grade year) are to be used in calculating a freshman’s GPA for Academic Decathlon purposes. 

NOTE  ANY team, or individual, that qualifies to participate in a USAD National Competition (in person or online) will be required to submit transcripts and completed USAD Excel Worksheets, with GPA computations. 

Pentathlon Competition for Middle School students

Pentathlon Intro Letter 2015-2016

USAD offers a great way to introduce kids to scholastic competition and to better prepare them to be a part of Academic Decathlon in high school.



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Honor Cords for Graduating Team Members

Honor Cords are available from the Texas Academic Decathlon.

Click Here to Download Order Form



We are able to feature scrolling photos on the homepage of the WIAD website!

Coaches – please send interesting pictures of your acadec teams in action (in jpg format, please) to  as often as you wish and they will be posted on the website.



USAD Calculator Policy  


Graphing Calculators Allowed — provided it has none of the features listed in

Section III of the USAD Calculator Policy.

Review calculator policy at

“Short” List of USAD® Approved Calculators:

  • Casio:  FX – 115MS Plus,  FX – 260,  FX – 250 HC,  FX – 300
  • Hewlett Packard:  HP 6S, HP 9S, HP 20S, HP 30S, HP 32S

           HP 32SII, HP 33S

  • Sharp:  EL 501 VB,  EL 506 VB,  EL 531 VB,  EL 531 VBBL, EL 531 W
  • Texas Instruments:  TI 10, TI 15 Explorer, TI 30 XA, TI 30 X II B, TI 30 X II S,

           TI 34 II,  TI 36X, TINspire

Prohibited Calculators:

Calculators with any of the following features are NOT allowed in USAD® competitions:

  • pocket organizers
  • hand-held or laptop computers
  • electronic writing pads or pen-inut devices
  • models with an alphabetic (QWERTY) keypad; e.g. TI-92 or HP-95
  • models with paper tape
  • models that make noise
  • models that can engage in wireless communication  (transfer data or information with other calculators
  • models that require a power cord
  • models with CAS (computer algebra systems); e.g. TI-89, TINspire (CAS)

Programmable graphing calculators brought into the testing room do NOT need to be cleared of all information stored in the memory.   Competitors are expected to honor the fact that they  are not  to refer to  information stored  in the graphcing calculator memory during the mathematics test.  

Decathletes sign a Competition Conduct Form prior to competition events stating they will follow the current calculator policy as approved by USAD® and WIAD.



Speech DVD

Several WIAD Award Winning Speeches are available on DVD from the Green Bay Office.

To plan a study date with your team to watch the video, contact Janelle at:

In order to enable as many requests as possible, the DVD will be on loan to each school for a maximum of 1 week.



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