CPR in Wisconsin Schools

In Wisconsin, cardiac arrest causes over 6,500 deaths annually

If victims don’t receive CPR within 5-10 minutes prior to the arrival of EMS, their chances of survival are low

The likelihood of surviving cardiac arrest is a dismal 10%

When bystanders immediately provide CPR to a cardiac arrest victim, survival rates double or even triple    


The CPR in Schools program will increase the number of witnesses to cardiac arrest events who are capable of providing CPR, which will raise the likelihood of the victim receiving bystander CPR and improve survival rates!

  • assist schools to provide high-quality, hands-on CPR training
  • develop best practices for school based training programs
  • train educators to organize CPR training programs
  • provide schools with AHA CPR in Schools Training Kits

We facilitate partnerships with the school’s local healthcare/public safety community that will support the program training efforts, including the recruitment of volunteers to act as student role models.




This map illustrates schools across the state that have committed to participating in the CPR in Wisconsin Schools program!


Click here for a current list of participating schools!








The CPR in Schools program will be continuously evaluated and findings will be shared to improve school-based CPR training.


For additional information about this program please contact:

Jeff Gretzinger, CPR in Schools Coordinator




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