The Center for Educator Effectiveness works with CESA 7 districts and DPI to implement fully the DPI Educator Effectiveness System beginning 2014-15 school year.


1. To provide leadership in monitoring certification within the district and principal evaluation support aligned to the EE System implementation timeline.

2. To provide leadership and support of the Wisconsin Educator Effectiveness System.

 Educator Effectiveness Services 

CESA 7 Educator Effectiveness Team

Becky Walker, Ph.D., EE Implementation Coach & Coordinator, bwalker@cesa7.org

Debby Shimanek, Learning Service Specialist, Educator Effectiveness/WOW dshimanek@cesa7.org




Educator Effectiveness Center Staff

Becky Walker Ph.D.    Learning Services Director

ph: 920-617-5631





Learning Services Specialist                  Effectiveness/WOW    Initial Educator 

ph: 920-617-5618  dshimanek@cesa7.org 



Chris Larson
EE Administrative Assistant
ph: 920-617-56428


Chris Larson 2006 001


Check this website periodically for updates.

CESA 7 Phone: 920-492-5960

CESA 6 Phone: 920-233-2372










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