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CESA 7 Educator Effectiveness Network Meeting

The mission of the CESA 7 Educator Effectiveness Network is to ensure that all districts are fully prepared to implement the EE System in 2017-18 and beyond through regional collaboration and leadership. The CESA 7 EE State Model Network Meetings are designed to provide a forum for updates and discussion regarding implementation of the Wisconsin DPI Educator Effectiveness System with the Danielson Model. Each session will provide an update of the procedures, protocols, resources and quality roll-out practices for local districts to discuss. An agenda will be distributed prior to each session with specific focal areas. These sessions will be facilitated by the School Improvement Team at CESA 7. Please register for these sessions so that CESA is fully prepared for your participation. Who should attend?–local educator effectiveness implementation coaches and leaders. This network is all about supporting your local capacity for growing the professional expertise of your staff through educator effectiveness.

There are 3 sessions being held throughout the year. Please register for each one that you plan to attend.


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