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This site is designed to provide resources for EE Coaches who are coaching teachers toward professional growth through implementation of the Educator Effectiveness System in Wisconsin.

EE Coaching Resources

  • Step 4 Deep Dive Module: Launched in fall 2014, this eLearning module provides a wealth of details that explain the system and all of the requirements. It is a self-directed module with voice-over or optional transcript viewing and can be entered at any point in the contents. It is an excellent resource to clarify requirements and expectations. It is recommended that this module be used for thorough study by all EE coaches.
  • Teacher Process Manual: This comprehensive manual is a must for all teachers. It includes all aspects of the EE system from the role of the teacher being evaluated. Appendices include templates that mirror entry points within the Teachscape tool. It is recommended that all EE coaches have thoroughly studied the Process Manual.
  • DPI Coaching Conversations ToolkitThis web-based LiveBinder provides guidance for coaches, including sample coaching conversations, power point presentations, and other resources.
  • Effectiveness Coach Info Brief v0610: This brief is a summary guide for coaches that supports their leadership role during EE implementation.
  • CESA 7 Educator Effectiveness Coaching PPT: This power point presentation is designed to provide a beginning entry point for EE coaches, for example, during a first meeting.
  • SLOs: The resources below are necessary resources for EE coaches as they work to assist fellow teachers in the development of their Student Learning Objectives.
    • SLO Toolkit: This toolkit is a LiveBinder that includes repository of example SLOs, planning templates, the eLearning Module and other SLO resources.
    • SLO Process Guide Aug 2014: This guide includes criteria for effective SLOs and the SLO scoring rubric
    • SLO eLearning Module: This resource is a helpful eLearnng module that explains the SLO process in detail; recommended as a necessary resource for EE coaches.
    • Revised_7.2. Blank_SLO Planning Template (ms word): This blank template mirrors the “text boxes” to be completed in the TEachscape tool. It is recommended that teachers complete this template first before entering their SLO into Teachscape, and also attaching it as an artifact and evidence of their SLO.
    • SLO Detailed Planning Template (ms word): This resource is an optional template that helps teachers think through the detailed criteria of the SLO and advanced assessment planning.
  • Danielson Framework for Teaching: The Danielson Framework for Teaching resources listed below provide a quick reference to the components and rubrics that EE coaches must understand to help their colleagues.
    • Smart Card-Danielson at-a-Glance: This a one-page colored summary of all 22 Danielson Framework for Teaching components.
    • Danielson 2013_FfT EvalInstrument_Web_v1.2_20140825. This “book” contains the rationale, indicators, attributes and all rubrics for all 22 components in Danielson’s Framework for Teaching. All EE coaches and teachers should have this resource at their fingertips as it is the basis for 50% of the teacher’s evaluation (the practice side).
  • Teachscape

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