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Bilingual Websites for Parents


Network Meeting

April 24th, 2014 

April agenda


Migrant Student Outreach Presentation

HS Migrant Student Resource Guide

Help They Dont Speak English Migrant Elem Kit


Network Meeting

February 26, 2014 

Feb 26 Agenda

Title III website links

Reasons to Evaluate a Language Assistance Program

Sample Language Development Plan

Types of ELL Program Models

Supplement not Supplant

Identifying and Placing ELLs

ELL Individual Learning Plan

Sample Oral Interview Questions

Placing ELLs in a Program of Instruction

Fillible Individual Record Plan for ELLs

ELL Initial Placement

Revised Home Language Survey

Title III Language Fluency Checklist

Monitoring Bulletin


Parental Notification Requirements Bulletin

Parental Permission to Receive ELL Services

Best Practices When Serving ELLs

Legal Responsibilities

Parental Notification Requirements


Info Regarding Parental Notification

Sample exit from ELL Services Letter

Powerpoint Title III Requirements & Private Schools



Bilingual Bicultural Statutes

Trigger numbers for Bilingual Aid

Powerpoint Title III Immigrant and Youth Grant 

Network Meeting

September 18, 2013

Can-Do Name Charts

Common Core State Standards Toolkit

Common Definition of Language Learner

Consortia Need Sharper Focus on Accessibility

Cook, Boals, Lundberg Academic Achievement

Education Week ELL Activities

ELPD Framework Booklet

Lexia 2 The Critical Role of Oral Language

P1 Flyer Symposium Biliteracy

P2 Agenda Symposium Biliteracy

Philips Weingarten Six Steps to Effective Teacher Preparation

Uneven At the Start

WIDA Focus on Formative Assessment

WIDA Focus on Growth

WIDA Focus on Language and Culture

WIDA Focus on Group Work


Network Meeting

February 19, 2013


CESA 7 SIOP Training

Ipad Apps for ELLs

15 Great Free Android Apps

Apps for ELL Students

Best Free Ipod Ipad Apps

ELL to go

Standards That Impact ELLs

Increasing Academic Language Knowledge for ELLs

Teaching Informational Text to ELLs

A Guide for Engaging ELL Families

Tips for Parent-Teacher Conferences – English

Tips for Parent-Teacher Conferences – Spanish


Applying the New CCSS to ELLs

February 13, 2013

Goldenberg Article

ELPD Framework

Can-Do PK-K

Can-Do 1-2

Can-Do 3-5

Can-Do 6-8

Can-Do 9-12

SIOP training flyer


            Network Meeting

          November 27, 2012

Smarter Balanced Accessibility and Accomodations

Parent Guide – ELA – Spanish

English Language Proficiency Development Framework Booklet

Language and Literacy Standards

Teaching and Learning of English Learners

Smarter Balanced Releases Sample Assessment Items and Performance Tasks


         Network Meeting

        January 25, 2012

Agenda – Jan. 25, 2012 – ELL Networking Meeting

Title III District Self-Monitoring Checklist

WIDA 2011-12 Best Practices Video Game

Annotated Bibliography of ESL Resources

WITESTOL Membership Application

Response to Intervention in Reading for English Language Learners

Response to Intervention:  Implications for Spanish-Speaking English Language Learners



Can-Do Descriptors


Bob Kohl’s Workshop – Writing Across Content Area in Middle and High School

Performance Definitions

Standards Handouts – Conceptions & Misconceptions About ELLs

Case Scenarios

Powerpoint Presentation

WIDA ELP Standards
WIDA-ACCESS Placement Test
Model Home Language Survey
Model Individual Record Plan
ELL Policy Samples

Graduation Requirements Thinking Points msword

DPI Graduation Standards

Sheboygan School District Policies msword    Rules    Policy    Exhibit

Media Library

ELL Center Library

Summer Reading
Academic Word Lists for ELLs At All Levels
Wavy Blue Line



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