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The mission of the CESA 7 Educational Technology Services department is to assist school districts and their stakeholders to evolve the use of technology into a seamless and ubiquitous process that engages all learners and results in 21st Century learners and products.

Services Provided: Our professional services are the most current, trustworthy, ethical, and affordable!

  • Training for effective use of technology to improve student achievement – your digital learning headquarters
  • In-district technology training on technologies for today’s initiatives
  • Grant writing to support technology and technology integration
  • Assistance writing and filing online technology plans
  • Video Production; PR, professional development, training, educational documentaries, and teaching videos
  • Webinar production
  • Moodle hosting
  • Educational Technology Evaluation Services – not associated with any vendor, get a true picture!





ShoreNet/ETS Staff
595 Baeten Road
Green Bay WI 54304

Toll free tech support 888-373-0831

Dean Leisgang
Distance Learning Technology Coordinator/ETP-NEW Executive Director
(920) 617-5633
Cell: (920) 360-3235


Margie Thomas

Executive Assistant
(920) 617-5614
Cell: (920) 621-7120





Roxann Nys
Technology Integration Specialist
Cell: (920) 366-3621



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