Our Mission

In partnership with families and the community, CESA 7 Head Start/Early Head Start’s mission is to build with each child and family a strong educational foundation for the future based on individual strengths, values, and culture. We will promote and nurture self-esteem, healthy choices, and goal setting by providing support, educational opportunities, and acting as a bridge between families and our community partners.

Head Start/Early Head Start is a comprehensive child and family development program. It serves prenatal mothers and children ages 0-5 from low-income families. It is an inclusive program that also serves children with special-needs. It is designed to assist and influence the entire family’s search for growth and development. Head Start/Early Head Start is not a school, it is a total family program. 

Head Start/Early Head Start is a federally and state-funded program that allows the program to be entirely free to the families who qualify. Head Start/Early Head Start encourages parents to become involved with all program activiti

Annual Report for 2016-17

Fall-Winter Outcomes Report 2017-18

Family Handbook 2017-18






Head Start/Early Head Start


Manitowoc Office:

1130 South 9th Street

Manitowoc WI 54220

(920) 683-1960

Green Bay Office:

Family Services of Northeast WI

300 Crooks Street

Green Bay WI 54305

(920) 430-1153

Kim Larson


(920) 683-1960 ext 2103


Kaysie Krueger

Child Development Manager 

(920)683-1960 x. 2104


Janel Dietrich

Office Manager

(920) 683-1960 ext 2102


Megan Prosser

Child Development Manager 

(920) 683-1960 ext. 2108


Shelly Bishop

Child Development Manager 

(920) 683-1960 ext. 2106


Meagan Christel

Family Services Manager

(920) 683-1960 ext. 2105


Jessica Gallina

Health/Nutrition Manager 

(920) 683-1960 ext. 2127



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