Additional Services Provided


Family Services

Assistance is provided to families directly or by referral in areas such as energy assistance, budgeting, parenting, education, transportation issues, and job training.



Health screenings include a dental exam, physical exam, vision, hearing, nutrition and mental health evaluations. Children are also served either breakfast and lunch or lunch and a snack when they attend class.



Head Start/Early Head Start services provide an educational environment designed to meet the individual needs of children and families. Experiences are provided that promote growth in the following areas: physical, emotional, social, and intellectual.  Education experiences for the home-based participants include: the weekly family home visit, and two child/parent socializations twice a month.


Special Needs

Children with special-needs comprise at least 10% of total Head Start/Early Head Start enrollment. Children with special-needs are mainstreamed into classroom settings.


Parent Involvement

“Parent involvement makes Head Start/Early Head Start work.” Parents are involved as observers, classroom volunteers, policy council representatives, employees, and workshop participants.



Early Head Start
Our Early Head Start program serving pregnant mothers, and infants and toddlers through age two works in collaboration with Family Services of Northeast Wisconsin, Inc. and Lakeshore Family Resources to provide an intensive home visiting for program eligible families.


Home Visiting in Manitowoc County

Home Visiting in Manitowoc County – Spanish Version

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