Drop Deadline

  1. A student will receive 28 days from the start date of the course to drop without financial penalty to the district. This is for Middle and High School level courses only. It does NOT apply for College level courses.
  2. If a student drops after day 28, the district will be charged the full amount.
  3. If a student is going to drop a course, NEWON staff need to be informed in writing (email) of the wish to drop a course. Please email mthomas@cesa7.org with the name of the student and the course being dropped. You will be emailed when the student is confirmed being dropped from the course.


Extension policy

NEWON allows for a fall or spring term student 5 months access to their course(s) for high school level courses. WVS is the only provider for summer sessions, students have 8 weeks access to their course(s). There are no classes available from the tech colleges in the summer.

NEWON will grant an extension upon request from the school district or Local Education Guide (LEG) in the case of extenuating circumstances (medical, family emergency, etc.) that prevented regular on-time completion.  NEWON will consider the online teacher’s recommendation in the final decision for
granting an extension.

Requests for an extension should be made in writing by emailing Margie Thomas, two weeks before the scheduled end date. This provides enough time to make a decision in the best interest of the student and the school district. Requests made after the end date will not be granted.

  • An extension for all advanced placement, high school, middle school, or credit recovery courses for 30 days beyond the end date will be provided for an additional $150 fee.
  • The school district must continue to provide the student with an active LEG or contact person to support the student’s successful completion of the course in the extended period.
  • School districts may decide locally if the student would be responsible for any fees owed the school district.
  • A second 30 day extension can be provided for an additional $150 fee.
  • No extensions will be provided beyond two 30-day extension periods. If more time is needed, the student would have the option of re-enrolling in the course for the current registration fee.
  • Extension fees will not be prorated for less than 30 days course access.
  • Students who need their final grade for graduation or another timed event should submit all work at least two weeks prior to the date the grade is needed. This will allow the teacher sufficient time to grade work. There will be no guarantee that work submitted less than two weeks prior to the required date will be graded in that time period.



Privacy and Return Policies

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