Online Registration Processes:

  1. Appropriate school personnel take the necessary steps to register the student for the course.
  2. Appropriate school personnel will register the student when the course is open for enrollment. Dates are announced through an email and posted online. NOTE: Advanced Placement courses have the expectation that a student will start the next Monday following the registration up to the last possible Monday start date for that semester. If the Advanced Placement course is year-long, a student, with the assistance of the contact person, will need to register at the identified time for the second semester.
  3. Appropriate school personnel must provide the Purchase Order number for recognition of official approval of the course registration.


  1. Middle School and High School courses = $295 per enrollment
  2. Credit Recovery courses = $250 per enrollment
  3. College courses = Current college course costs (Approx. $300-$400 depending on the number of credits).

Automated Processes:

  1. Appropriate building personnel must enter the student information onto the registration form and click the submit button. 
  2. Once a student has been officially registered for the course through the online registration process, the information goes directly into a database at CESA 7.

NEWON Staff Processes:

  1. NEWON staff will register the student for the course with the appropriate provider.
  2. NEWON staff will invoice the school district using the PO number on the registration form.
  3. NEWON staff will confirm the provider registration through email with the district contact person.

School District Processes:

  1. School district staff will connect with the student regarding finalizing district processes for local education guide support, appropriate computer use, discipline, etc.
  2. School district staff will acquire the necessary textbooks needed for the course based upon the course description.
  3. School district staff will pay the invoice that has been sent by the NEWON staff.

Student Processes:

  1. The student will be assigned a “mentor (LEG) ” to help support the online learning.
  2. The student will complete an orientation before starting the course, if the course provider requires the orientation.
  3. The student will receive a welcoming email from the course provider and/or the online teacher.
  4. The student will acquire from his or her school district the necessary textbooks and/or equipment needed for the course based upon the course description.
  5. The student will ensure the capability of accessing the course through the appropriate technology. “Email and System Requirements”
  6. The student will complete the work of the course and receive a grade upon completion of the work or when the class is over, whichever comes sooner.


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