Pupil Services Department


Welcome to the CESA 7 Pupil Services Department webpage, where we focus
on Special Education!

Our department serves Special Education/Pupil Services Directors/Coordinators and
their Teams in the areas of Assessment, School Team Involvement, Behavioral and Educational Management and Intervention, and In-service Training.

We provide a wide array of services and professional development activities designed
to strengthen the capacity of school districts to meet the diverse needs of individual students within their educational programming.

Technical support is available to meet your district’s ever-changing needs.

Various Special Education related initiatives include but are not limited to:

  • Non-Violent Crisis Intervention Training to support districts with regard to the 2011 Wisconsin Act
    125 – Seclusion and Restraint
  • Functional Behavioral Assessment Training and student level Behavior Intervention support
  • Assistive technology strategies and supports and incorporating technology in the classrooms
  • Student/team specific traumatic brain injury support including staff trainings
  • Onsite paraprofessional training with the option of web-based support
  • Work with Directors of Special Education to ensure effective practices in IEP development and monitoring are in place
  • Transition program planning support for students age 14-21
  • Programming for students with significant disabilities and the relationship to Wisconsin Common
    Core Essential Elements
  • Special education indicator data analysis and training for districts
  • Accommodations, modifications and instructional strategies that address the needs of students with disabilities and promote student growth
  • In-district staff trainings pertaining to special education specific topic and trends relevant to the
    needs of our CESA 7 Districts’ needs
  • Support for Educational Audiology Services
  • Budgeting and special education funding
  • Ongoing updates regarding state and federal mandates


CESA 7 Pupil Services Department

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Fran Renn-Malcheski, Ed. D.

Program/Dept. Director



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Lisa Hebel

Program Assistant

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