Educational Equity/Diversity services


Educational Equity/Diversity Services facilitate a network of information and technical support resources for member districts. This service is designed to assist the district in complying with: PI9.06, Wis Administrative Code Pupil Non-Discrimination; Wis. Stats 118.13(3) (a) (3): and/or Title VII or Title IX of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 that assures equitable educational opportunities across all grades, genders, ethnicity, disabilities, language proficiency, sexual orientations, religious persuasions, economic statuses and levels of achievement in schools.

Primary Services:

  • Technical support for addressing compliance issues relative to Pupil Non-Discrimination and § 118 District Compliance Reports.
  • Assistance with analysis of diversity/equity-related concerns arising from respective district’s educational achievement and school performance data.
  • Assistance to establish common language and meaning in conversations about race in education, and for each district to identify and define the work of racial equity.



CESA 7 Pupil Services Department

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Fran Renn-Malcheski, Ed.D.

Project/Dept. Director

(920) 617-5627

Lisa Hebel

Project/Dept. Assistant

(920) 617-5626



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