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Learning Services provides dynamic leadership and improvement in educator effectiveness, curriculum, assessment, instruction, data and accountability, professional development, and educational leadership to enhance all students’ learning. Through coordination of region-wide networks, workshops and consultation, Learning Services strives toward excellence in teaching and learning for all PK-12 administrators, teachers and their students. Annual direction and focus for Learning Services is driven by the needs of area schools. Learning Services also oversees and coordinates services and professional development for Title I, ESEA Coordination, Title III and the ELL Center, the Literacy Center, Center for Educator Effectiveness, the Math and Science Center, the Career and Technical Education (Perkins) Consortium Grant and the WISExplore statewide grant. Learning Services are supported by annual fees from district membership, professional development registration fees, and onsite consultation.



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Debby Shimanek                              Learning Services Specialist                  Title I Coordinator                          Educator Effectiveness/WOW                Initial Educator                              Principal Network                      920.617.5618          dshimanek@cesa7.org  

Kathleen Gwidt Ph. D.                          Learning Services Specialist                  Title I Coordinator                                    920.617.5618    kgwidt@cesa7.org



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