Emily Miller will be here on February 20th.   Don’t miss this follow up from her well received session from a year ago. 

Enrich Your Science Teaching, Grades K-8

Incorporating focus on NGSS engineering practices with CCSS extensions The inclusion of engineering is one of the most exciting additions to science standards offered by NGSS. Students can engage with science ideas through the impetus to solve a real world engineering problems, or, student understanding of the science ideas can be assessed through their application within the context of an engineering problem. Either option offers opportunity for teachers to develop new creative ways to teach science and the new challenge to be versatile and creative with existing units. Topics to be addressed include:

• Understanding the vision of NGSS through the lens of the Wisconsin writer on the elementary and diversity and equity team
• Using an NGSS unit template to create overarching plans for new and existing units
• Facilitating tools that bring a focus engineering design into existing science units
• Examining the difference between the practice of modeling for engineering design and the scientific practice of developing and using models
• Integrating CCSS into science instruction in a meaningful way.
• Partnering with colleagues to form a plan for science teaching and future collaboration


PRESENTER: Emily Miller
Emily Miller is a writer for the Diversity and Equity and Elementary writing teams of the Next Generation Science Standards. She is a second and third grade English as a Second Language (ESL) and bilingual resource teacher at a Title 1 school, where she has taught for 15 years. Ms. Miller has worked with World-class Instructional Design and Assessment (WIDA) to expand and amplify can-do descriptors for English language proficiency benchmarks. In addition, Ms. Miller collaborated with Dr. Baxter Lauffer as part of a Research Experience for Teachers Grant (RET) to design place-based culturally-relevant outcomes with a focus on sustainability and biodiversity in and around the Menominee Forest for schools on the Menominee Reservation. Ms. Miller has a MS in Bilingual Studies from the Department of Curriculum and Instruction at the University of Wisconsin, Madison, a BS from the same department with a Spanish minor, and ESL and Bilingual teaching licenses. Ms. Miller lives in Madison with her husband and four children.


Ken Turner – Science and Engineering – Part 3

Ken Turner presenter – NGSS Engineering Design III Grades K-12

This is the final offering in a series of workshops presented by Ken Turner.

We will experience iterative Engineering Design as we:

  • Learn common terms and descriptors for Engineering Design,
  • Relate Engineering Design to the Danielson Framework,
  • Learn the relationship between Engineering Design and Scientific Inquiry,
  • Figure out how to use what we have to get where we want to go, and
  • Create the leadership and teams who will write the new Engineering Design activities!


    About the Presenter: Ken Turner earned his Bachelor of Arts (Biology, minor Chemistry) at Valparaiso University and his Masters at DePauw University. He is now pursuing a doctorate at National Louis University while teaching education, science, and research classes at National Louis University and University of Dubuque. He led teams of teachers and students in research on local wetlands, fullerenes, liquid crystals, piezoelectrics, lighter-than-air solids, diamond thin-films, and more. He has taught Materials Engineering and Design at the Cray Academy (Eau Claire, WI) and at the Center for Talent Development (Northwestern University). He initiated, led, and published two different integrated curriculums. He has years of experience teaching high school and middle school sciences, and holds certifications in high school and elementary teaching in addition to being a National Board Certified Teacher. He is a module developer, beta tester, book author, and workshop leader for Materials World Modules, at the Materials Science Institute, Northwestern University. He has authored articles, participated in nationwide validity studies, directed a Toyota Tapestry project, led workshops from Boston to San Francisco, and won Illinois “Those Who Excel” award for excellence in teaching three times. He has been published in The Science Teacher, Journal of Chemical Education, Journal of Materials Education, and others. He published, “Ready for the Next Generation Science Standards” at the Iowa Academy of Science (2014), and will present “Formative Evaluation of Preparedness to Teach Engineering Design and NGSS” at Evaluation 2014, the national conference for the American Evaluation Association. He has researched, published, and taught Engineering Design for over a decade.




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