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CESA 7 Educational Technology Services works with a number of individuals and institutions in Wisconsin to provide you with a variety of outstanding electronic field trip opportunities.

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In 2010-11 CESA 7 program providers were awarded the CILC Pinnacle Award.

In 2008-09, 2011-12, 2012-13, and 2013-14 CESA 7 program providers were awarded the

CILC Pinnacle Honorable Mention award


Are You Ready for some Football? Sports & Safety presented by Kristen Broedrick, Green Bay Packers Hall of Fame

Football is a rough and tumble sport! How do the Packers get ready to play the game? How do you get ready for your games? 

During this 50-55 minute program, students will learn about the equipment needed for the Packers to stay safe and how that equipment has changed over the years. They’ll view a video interview with Bryan Nehring, Packers Assistant Equipment Manager, who discusses Packers safety. 

Students will also view a video interview with Mark Lovat, Packers Strength and Conditioning Coordinator. Mark will share how he works with the Packers to get in shape for their games.

Students will see historic photos of equipment as well as more modern equipment. They will participate in some exercises that the Packers do as they train for games (so they will need room to get on the floor!) Kristen Broderick, Packers Hall of Fame Education Coordinator will lead them in a discussion about the why and how of the kinds of things kids can do to stay safe when they participate in any kind of sport.
(Recommended for grades 3-6.)

Dance Along the River Niger presented by Marc Kotz, Born to Move

Experience some of the dancing, drumming, and singing that serve as primary forms of cultural expression along the Niger River in west and central Africa. Participants will learn about the communications of a griot (a storyteller/historiand) “talking drums,” and learn several traditional dances. (Recommended for grades 3-12.)

From Sap to Syrup: All about Wisconsin Maple Syrup Season presented by Libby Dorn

See how maple syrup is made. As part of this trip, your students will be able to sample this “liquid gold!”
(Recommended for grades 3-12.)

Jump Into Aquatics  presented by Libby Dorn

Jump Into Aquatics will teach you and your students how to use technology as well as standard field-based equipment to explore and monitor the health of a variety of aquatic habitats as well as the collection of aquatic organisms found in them. (Recommended for grades 5-12.)

Mexican Fiesta Dances – Day of the Deadpresented by Marc Kotz, Born to Move

In Mexico, fiestas are a form of national recreation, celebrating many different aspects of culture and society. This program introduces learners to different fiesta dances relating specifically to the theme of life and death–tying in to a focus on the Day of the Dead celebration. (Recommended for grades 3-12.)

St. Nicholas was a Real Person presented by Marc Kotz, Born to Move

Offered in November and December. Venture back to the 3rd & 4th C. AD to learn about St. Nicholas’ birth, life, and various legends that his reputation has spawned around the globe, culminating with the widely observed St. Nick’s Day on December 5th, and the contemporary figure of Santa Claus. Students will engage with these stories by learning physical activities such as a Greek sailor’s dance, a Medieval English jig, and the Swedish folkdance “Hambro”, in relation to the significance and vision St. Nicholas has inspired through the ages in countries around the globe. (Recommended for grades 3-12. )

Through Irish Eyes and Feet: Celebrating St. Patrick and Celtic Culturepresented by Marc Kotz, Born to Move

Go beyond leprechauns, shamrocks and green beverages of St. Patrick’s Day to understand the Irish perspective, catch a glimpse of what they endured and learn why St. Patrick is so important. Students will try out Irish dancing, sing an Irish song and learn some Celtic myths. (Recommended for grades 3-12.)

Visit with Mrs. Claus: presented by Mrs. Claus

Offered in November and December. Live from “The North Pole” students join Mrs. Claus and have the opportunity to ask questions, listen to a story, sing a song and do a dance. (Recommended for Grades PreK-2)

Voyageur Songs and Dances: presented by Marc Kotz, Born to Move

Learn three Voyageur songs along with accompanying dances. First-person interpretation of the life of the voyageur will allow your students to imagine themselves in a nearby place long ago, when adventure was waiting around every bend in the river or over every roll of the horizon. (Recommended for grades 3-12)

Wisconsin Geology: Ancient Seas and Glaciers Presented by: Libby Dorn
This program explores, through video segments of field explorations as well as hands-on classroom activities, the natural features of Northeastern Wisconsin, including the famous Niagara Escarpment, sedimentary deposits, glaciation, shoreline features, and cliff habitats. (Recommended for grades 3-12)


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