A Visit With Mrs. Claus   

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This program allows your students the opportunity to visit with Mrs. Santa Claus. She will read a short story to the students and then they will have the opportunity to ask questions about her, Santa Claus, and the North Pole.

Students will:

  • be introduced to the idea of videoconferencing.
  • learn how to use basic videoconferencing technology effectively.
  • experience storytelling via videoconferencing modeled by a professional storyteller.
  • develop an appreciation of videoconferencing.
  • develop an appreciation of storytelling.
  • observe how to add expression to a story by using variety in voices, facial gestures, body language, eye contact, pauses and volume.
  • develop an appreciation for different cultures
  • be able to ask questions about Santa Claus.

Pre- and post-visit materials will be made available to registered participants.



Students, grades K-2


Cost per session:

ShoreNet Full Members: $30

ShoreNet Basic Members: $50

Non-members: $75


For more information and the standards for this program visit Center for Interative Learning & Collaboration (CILC)

Request this program now


For more information, contact:

Dean Leisgang
Distance Learning Coordinator & Scheduler
(920) 617-5633




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