Are You Ready for Some Football?
Sports & Safety
with Kristen Broderick, Green Bay Packers Hall of Fame



Football is a rough and tumble sport! How do the Packers get ready to play the game? How do you get ready for your games? 

During this 50-55 minute program, students will learn about the equipment needed for the Packers to stay safe and how that equipment has changed over the years. They’ll view a video interview with Bryan Nehring, Packers Assistant Equipment Manager, who discusses Packers safety. 

Students will also view a video interview with Mark Lovat, Packers Strength and Conditioning Coordinator. Mark will share how he works with the Packers to get in shape for their games.

Students will see historic photos of equipment as well as more modern equipment. They will participate in some exercises that the Packers do as they train for games (so they will need room to get on the floor!) Kristen Broderick, Packers Hall of Fame Education Coordinator will lead them in a discussion about the why and how of the kinds of things kids can do to stay safe when they participate in any kind of sport.

Learning Objectives:

Students will

  • Explore how football equipment has changed/evolved over the years
  • Learn the benefit of equipment worn
  • Understand the importance of safety in their own activities
  • Engage in discussion that encourages critical thinking about safety

Program Format:

  1. Meet your presenter
  2. Review some football vocabulary
  3. What do the Packers do before they play each game? (view video of Packers’ trainer demonstrating exercise) Students will try out a couple of these after the video
  4. How else do players stay safe? View Video of Packers’ assistant equipment coach discussing the importance of the right equipment. View and discuss historic slides and current equipment and how it has changed since the game’s beginning
  5. Brainstorm and discuss activities in which students participate and how they can stay safe
  6. Students will learn about an acrostic poem using the name Packers to review how to play safe.
  7. Time for Q & A
  8. Farewell with “Go Pack Go!” cheer

Students, grades 1-4

Primary Disciplines:

Health/Physical Education, Technology/Information Science

Cost per session/school:

$150 per session

For more information about this program:
Visit the Center for Interactive Learning & Collaboration (CILC) for more details, including standards met by this program.



About the presenter:

Kristen Broderick is the Educational Coordinator for the Green Bay Packers Hall of Fame. She has 31 years of educational experience, teaching mostly in the primary grades.


For more information, contact:

Dean Leisgang
Distance Learning Coordinator & Scheduler
(920) 617-5633



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