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Explores a pond, creek, river, and lake habitat through the use of technology (Vernier LabPro field computers with water quality probes) and chemical test kits. Students will learn to monitor the health of a local waterway through dissolved oxygen, pH, temperature, turbidity, light absorption and reflection, nitrate, and phosphate testing methods. This program will also highlight the collection and identification of macro invertebrates and other aquatic organisms found in various aquatic habitats, and the use of standard field-based equipment.

Learning Objectives:

Students will

  • become familiar with a variety of Wisconsin aquatic systems
  • understand the functions of a Vernier LabPro, probes, and water chemical test kits
  • know how to conduct aquatic field experiments
  • recognize common Midwest aquatic macro invertebrates
  • learn the proper use of other field-based equipment

Program Format:

  1. Introduction to the topic and facilitator
  2. Preface to Wisconsin aquatic systems
  3. Discuss and view collection of local water samples
  4. Demonstrate functions of field computer, electronic probes, and chemical test kits
  5. Perform experiments using test equipment and water samples
  6. View and identify collection of Wisconsin aquatic macro invertebrates
  7. Show correct procedures for using other field-based equipment
  8. Question and answer segment

Students, grades 5-12

Primary Disciplines:


Cost per session/school:

$150 per session


Comments about this program:

“It was very interesting. I greatly enjoyed this videoconference and I hope to participate in many more in the future. It was very informative and helpful to speak with professionals from other areas!”NC School of Science and Math

“This program increased student skills and knowledge and provided a solid base for future educational activities.”Spencer-Van Etten, NY


About the presenter:

Libby Dorn has been in environmental education for the past 22 years. With a Masters in Education emphasizing environmental science, Libby loves to enthuse and engage learners in the outdoor environment.



For more information, contact:

Dean Leisgang
Distance Learning Coordinator & Scheduler
(920) 617-5633



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