Through Irish Eyes and Feet:

Celebrating St. Patrick

and Celtic Culture


Program Description:  

Why is St. Patrick’s Day such a widely celebrated holiday, and what makes the Irish such a fierce and proud people? In this e-field trip students look through the Irish perspective and catch a glimpse of what the Irish have endured, why St. Patrick is such an important figure to them, and how Celtic culture has sustained their spirit. In the process, students will try out Irish dancing, sing Irish songs, and learn Celtic myths that date back over two millennia, to a time before Christianity.

Go beyond the familiar associations of leprechauns, shamrocks and green beverages to appreciate and understand how St. Patrick drove the Druids from Ireland, the nature of the music that sprand from the harp of Cletic god, The Dadgda, what occurred on the Hill of Tara, and how the Irish Wheel is a symbol akin to those of Native American cultures. Unraveling the mysterious knots of Irish culture and legacy makes for a fascinating adventure of discovery!


Learning Objectives:

Students will

  • Gain a deeper understanding of the Irish and their historic precedents and legacy
  • Become familiar with the logevity and prevalence of Celtic culture through world history
  • Appreciate commonalities, differences and connections between different world religions, specifically Christianity, Cletic Mythology/Paganism, and Native American.
  • Learn Irish dances



Students, grades 3-12

Primary Disciplines:

History, Fine Arts, Performing Arts

Cost per program:

$150 per session, maximum of 30 students

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Comments said about this program:

“It was a fun, educational experience.” – Summit Academy Akron Elementary, Ohio

“The students learned some history and culture about Ireland, the Druids, and Celts. The heard some stories, and learned several dances. The program was engaging due to the presenter and the format (alternating between stories and dances, and slides with historical information.” – St. Brigid/Our Lady of Hope Regional Schoo, NY

About the presenter:

Marc Kotz is a life-long performing artist and teacher who delights in venturing to other cultures and times through the means of dance, tehatre, music and educational exploration. His career has taken him around the world (literally and figuratively,) delving into diverse cultures and artistic disciplines. He has performed in numerous dance and theater forms, collaborated on two dozen plays/musicals/operas and has choreographed and directed ten concert-length productions, half of which were his own original scripts. Marc received a Master of Fine Arts degree from the University of Iowas as an Iowa Arts Fellow, has taught all ages from pre-school to the aged (including 12 years at the university level) and directs his own arts-integration company, Born 2 Move Movement Adventures, LLC.



For more information, contact:

Dean Leisgang
Distance Learning Coordinator & Scheduler
(920) 617-5633


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