Wisconsin Geology:

Ancient Seas and Glaciers




Students will learn about geological features of NE Wisconsin. They will also investigate field methods for identifying sedimentary, igneous, and metamorphic rocks, and minerals, using a variety of fun, but effective, field equipment. (Student kits containing a collection of rocks and minerals will be shipped to your school.) A video trip to a local quarry, narrated by the quarry owner, will culminate this program.

Learning Objectives:

Students will

  • learn the various types of sedimentary rocks found in Wisconsin
  • recognize that geological events can alter landscapes
  • know several ways to identify rocks and minerals in the field
  • understand the basic process of glaciation
  • recognize the human need for rocks and minerals

Program Format:

  1. Introduction to the topic and facilitator
  2. Brief geological history of Wisconsin
  3. View common features of today’s Wisconsin landscape
  4. Investigation of field kits – common rocks and minerals of WI
  5. Field identification techniques for rocks and minerals
  6. View video footage of a visit to a Wisconsin quarry including the quarry owner
  7. Question and answer segment

Students, grades 3-12

Primary Disciplines:


Cost per session/school:

$150 per session

To register or for more information:
Visit the Center for Interactive Learning & Collaboration (CILC) for more details, including standards met by this program.


Comments about this program:

“Variety of instruction such as quarry video, hands-on rock samples, and use of maps (plus the instructor’s expertise all increased our knowledge” Berlin, WI


About the presenter:

Libby Dorn has been in environmental education for the past 22 years. With a Masters in Education emphasizing environmental science, Libby loves to enthuse and engage learners in the outdoor environment.



For more information, contact:

Dean Leisgang
Distance Learning Coordinator & Scheduler
(920) 617-5633



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