how to schedule an e-field trip

  1. Choose a curricular area or theme that you would like to support with a guest speaker. Examples might include space exploration, the Civil War, modern dance or the Presidential campaign. Think about what it is that you would like your students to accomplish or learn in this session as well. ITV should be used to support and supplement your curriculum, while meeting your curricular standards.


  2. Check to see if a program is already available through an established provider. These programs are usually the best prepared and tailored for school groups such as yours. Often the provider has materials and experience in modifying a program to meet the needs of many grades from K-16.


  3. If you cannot find a program that meets your needs, email Dean Leisgang at or call 920-617-5633. If you already have a speaker in mind, like your former college art professor, or you know who you would like to connect to, say another German class, that can be arranged too.


  4. Fill out the online scheduling information at Once the form is filled out, we will take care of contacting the program provider and working with you and the program provider to get the program scheduled on a date that works for everyone.


  5. An email will be sent to you once the program date and time is confirmed with the program provider.


  6. Two days before the program, a reminder email will be sent out.

  7. On the day of your program, don’t forget to show up with your class!


  8. After the program, please fill out the online evaluation form.


If you would like to schedule an electronic field trip

or for more information contact:

Dean Leisgang

Distance Learning Coordinator 

(920) 617-5633



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