Electronic Field Trip

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We’ve put together a guide to help you schedule a virtual trip in your classroom. You can also find tips for helping to make your visit more successful.

Here are links to some great searchable databases for these exciting educational programs as well as some of the best e-field trips available:

CESA 7 Area Program Providers e-field trips:

Additional Wisconsin Video Conference Providers

More Videoconferencing Resources:

(Top 4 Favorites)

  • Center for Interactive Learning and Collaboration – a leading searchable resource for video conferences, collaborations, staff development and more. Our FAVORITE place to search for great videoconferencing opportunities! All CESA 7 e-field trip offerings are listed in this outstanding resource. (Some of this info is duplicated in the VC Content Providers Database.)


  • Connect2Texas The purpose of this site is to promote programs offered by interactive videoconferencing providers in the State of Texas. It is also intended to be used by schools and other entities to register for programs from one of their providers. They’d like to know if they can help “steer” you in the right direction!
  • TWICE (Two Way Interactive Connections in Education) “Your one stop source for K-12 video conference information. This website has a number of great resources, including a collaboration center – CAPspace (free registration required)
  • Video Conference Content Providers Database This database, sponsored by Polycom, Inc., contains programs from content providers such as zoos and museums that offer IP (h.323) videoconferencing. (There is some duplication of provider info on the CILC site.)

Other States’ Video Conferencing Resources


  • Ball State Electronic Field Trips – feature partnerships between Ball State University and museums across the country. There are free scheduled broadcasts(not interactive) and for $75 you get access to lots of additional related resources for pre and post-viewing. You can also purchase video of previous programs.
  • Mount Washington Observatory – Mount Washington Observatory has been offering distance learning sessions since 2009. The tallest point in the northeastern US, and strategically located at the convergence of three major storm tracks, the summit of Mount Washington is battered year-round by some of the most extreme conditions on the planet.
  • NASA’s Digital Learning Network – everything that NASA is offering via virtual means. They have a searchable database to FREE video conferences actually conducted by NASA employees – for students and teachers
  • Whirlidurb provides quality video conference connections for PK-8 grades that reinforce and develop mathematical language and communication, enhance 21st century skills of critical thinking, creativity, and collaboration, and support literacy and vocabulary development.


Collaborative Projects Resources

  • CILC Collaboration Center The CILC Collaboration Center creates the venue for educators to meet, create a collaborative environment, and share their results.
  • Read Around the Planet Information about the current year’s plans for celebrating NEA’s “Read Across America” project including flyers, coordinator and teacher packets and how to involve all your students.
  • Wisconsin Connects (ePals) The state of Wisconsin has launched a new online initiative called “Wisconsin Connects.” The initiative aims to provide a safe learning environment for K-12 students and to enable students in Wisconsin to connect and collaborate with other students from around the world. The project is focused on mail (email or snail mail) but would also be a great place to post a request for a video conference collaboration. You can join for free and read stories from WI teachers about successful online collaborations.



To schedule an electronic field trip

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