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The photos and information on this page are some of the options that are available to ShoreNet member districts who are applying for the portable video cart grants.


New districts are welcome! All districts signing up for a new two-year CESA 7 ShoreNet membership are eligible to receive a Polycom videocart which includes setup, training and ongoing support. For more information about membership and other benefits, contact Dean Leisgang at 920-617-5633 or


NOTE: Be aware that each school’s video cart needs are unique and decisions as to what type of cart will be best for your situation should be made collaboratively with ShoreNet’s technology manager, Dean Leisgang. Dean’s email is


The Polycom VSX 7001 is the standard codec for this project:

photo of Polycom VSX 7000 codec


It comes with a microphone, remote control

(speakers are built in on camera itself or alternatively, monitor audio can be used):


There are a variety of carts available. Bill Moede will work with you to select the most appropriate one for how you intend to use your videocart. Here are some suggested carts:


PSD Nesting Cart

pole cart

PSD Nesting Cart: Our recommendation if a video cart will be used within one building only––not for transport between buildings. This unique design allows for storage in a much smaller space .(Overall height of 67″) It is easy for one person to move it from room to room. Main use would be for e-field trips. (Not for originating regular classes.) Would be used with HPLL service.


Small Cart

small cart

Small Cart: Can easily moved from room to room or from building to building. It is shown here with 36″ monitor (not flat screen) but would come equipped with a 36″ plasma flat screen. Use with HPLL service.


Polycom in a Case

Case for Polycom for ILS e-field trip projectAV cart

Polycom in a Case: Very portable option. NOTE: Each district that chooses this option will receive a custom solution. This is a sample of one possible solution. The photo on the left is a sample of the case that could be used to hold a rack mounted system. (It is approx. 2′ X 2′ X 2′ and would house a Polycom and projector.) A second, similar case would include a 15″ monitor which could be used for smaller meetings. When used for larger groups, the case would sit on top of a standard size AV cart. The unit could be used with any sized monitor or a projector for a large room. This would be ideal for districts that have a variety of uses for videoconferencing – from one-to-one meetings to larger groups. Use with HPLL service.

Below are pictures of the case setup for Kiel School District. In normal operation the output of the Polycom is connected to a projector. The small LCD monitor is used for setup, testing, and small meetings.


Large Cart

Photo of Portable video cart option 1

Large Cart: Best for use within one building and one room. It is bulky and although it can be moved, it is difficult to do so. Main use would be for one time e-field trips. (Not for originating regular classes.) Used with HPLL service.


Teaching Cart

Photo of videocart configurations for teaching from site

Teaching Cart: This configuration includes a teacher’s podium cart that holds a document camera, DVD player, computer converter and video switcher. This is our current recommendation for a teaching station for use by schools that are going to originate classes or staff development on a regular basis.

We are also recommending that in this scenario a full 1.5 mb (T1) of bandwidth be available to ensure highest video quality. It could also be used with the standard HPLL .5 WAN although video quality may not be as good. Best used within one building as transporting from site to site would be difficult. A simple cable links the two carts.





If you would like more information about the videocart equipment, contact:

Dean Leisgang

ETS Technology Coordinator

(920) 617-5633


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