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The purpose of the CESA 7 Safe and Healthy Schools/Communities (ATOD) Department is to provide visionary leadership and applicable resources that help schools and communities create a safe learning environment – one that fosters healthy, resilient, responsible, successful learners. There are two parts of the Safe and Healthy Schools/Communities (ATOD) Department that fulfill this purpose.


Wisconsin ATOD Education Network

As a strong component of DPI’s strategy to prevent alcohol, tobacco, and other drug use among the state’s youth, the Network was established to provide sharing of information, pooling of resources, and technical assistance to school districts in the development of their local K-12 Comprehensive AODA and Violence Prevention programs. The Network was organized through the efforts of DPI and the twelve Cooperative Educational Service Agencies (CESAs). The Network’s objectives are carried out by an ATOD facilitator in each CESA. 

The network has three primary objectives: 

  1. Assist school districts in the development of comprehensive, integrated, alcohol, tobacco, and other drug education (AODA) programs.
  2. Assist in developing partnerships at the community, county, regional, state, and national levels in order to facilitate cooperation and sharing, maximize resources, and reduce the duplication of services
  3. Assist schools and communities in the development of an integrated framework to foster healthy, resilient, successful learners.



Safe and Healthy Schools/Communities (ATOD)

Christine Kleiman


(920) 617-5645


“Young people who suffer physical illness or injury, mental health  problems, hunger, pregnancy, alcohol, tobacco and other drug use, or fear of violence are less likely to learn irrespective of our efforts to improve education methods, standards or organization.”
– Center for Disease Control and Prevention



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