Drug Glossary

Acid LSD  


Nickel Bag

An amount of a drug
Bad Trip A bad experience from LSD OD An overdose of drugs
Black Cadillacs Stimulants which may contain either amphetamine or caffeine Papers Rolling papers, which may be used to make marijuana or tobacco cigarettes
Blotter Liquid LSD dropped on a paper Power Hitter A device (often plastic) which is used to deliver a blast of marijuana smoke
Bong A device, often  a water pipe, used to smoke marijuana Roach The butt of a join in which much of the THC is concentrated (see THC)
Bowl A marijuana pipe Roach Clip A device sued to hold a roach (sometimes decorated with  colorful feathers)
Burn Out A drug user who has become apathetic, confused and dazed Sens High potency marijuana
Buss To be high Score Obtain drugs
Coke Cocaine (also known as nose, toot, and blow) Smoke Marijuana
Colombo Marijuana of alleged Colombian origin Snort To sniff a drug
Crack 90-100 percent pure cocaine, which must be smoked to produce an effect Spaced A confused, disorientated state; may refer to a drug-induced state
Crank Synthetic produce, very powerful crystal meth Speed Originally a slang name of amphetamine, now commonly refers to caffeine-containing capsules
Crash To come off a drug Stash Supply of drugs
Cut To dilute a drug by adding another substance Stoned Intoxicated. Depending on the person, it may refer to marijuana or alcohol
Dime/Dime Bag A quantity of drug Straight

1) not under the influence of drugs at the moment or 2) not a drug user

Dope Usually refers to marijuana, but could mean any drug Tab Table
Flashback Spontaneous reoccurrence of a drug effect. This could occur weeks, months, or even years after drug use. THC tetrahydrocannabinol, the psychoactive (intoxication producing) ingredient in marijuana. Not available in pure form on the street. (see “tic”)
Free Base Cocaine alkaloid of base. A particularly pure form of cocaine which must be smoked to produce an effect “Tic” Alleged THC. Usually contains PCP
Gram A  measurement of a drug To Party A slang term which often refers to a drinking and/or marijuana smoking activity
Grass Marijuana (common hemp plant) Toot

1) To sniff a drug, or

2) a slang name for cocaine

Hash Hashish, the concentrated resin of the marijuana plant Trip To take LSD
Hit A single dose of a drug, or a puff of marijuana (also called toke) Wasted Grossly intoxicated on drugs or alcohol
Joint A marijuana cigarette Weed Marijuana
Mesc Mescaline White Cross Cross-scored, white tablets alleged to  contain amphetamine, but usually containing caffeine
Microdot A small tablet containing LSD White Out Liquid paper for making correction, often times inhaled
Munchies The increased appetite which often accompanies marijuana intoxication Windowpane Small piece of plastic or film which has been treated with  LSD





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