Speakers and Assemblies

Acacia Theatre www.acaciatheatre.com (414) 223-4996  
Presents 3 musical touring plays on substance abuse, gangs, peer pressure, and teen sexuality called the “SMART Choice.”
Ainsworth, Ed www.whiteheartcommunications.com 806-763-7337
The mission of Whiteheart Communications has been to help students make the choices that will make their lives better. Ed (Sex Ed as he is known) and Connie Ainsworth have devoted their lives to the youth culture. Traveling over the United States and to other countries, Ed has found that teens are dealing with the same issues everywhere. Ed and Connie believe that students will make choices that will make their lives better if they are given the right information and the right motivation
Anthony, Karrie kanthony@familyservicesnew.org 920-559-7511
Presents on the affects of violence on children and how it affects their school performance. Will discuss what services Family Services of Northeast Wisconsin offers both inside and outside of schools.
Baenen, Judith www.amle.org 614-848-8211
Speaker, consultant on “A Survival Kit for Junior High” offering practical, yet humorous help on how to survive the early adolescent years.
 National Middle School Assn
Banks, Jay www.jaybanks.com 615-599-1900
A nonprofit organization motivating individuals to develop good moral character as a means of creating a compassionate and responsible society.
Bob Holmes www.beatbob.com 910-988-0865
Volleyball player enthusiast Bob Holmes challenges teams to take him on during his “One Man Team” presentations. He has traveled nationwide with his important as well as entertaining exhibition focused on the message of “Beating the Odds”.
Comprehensive Health Ed. Foundation www.chef.org 800-323-2433
Information about Natural Helpers Training for Trainers regional workshops, Here’s Looking at You, Get Real About AIDS, and Youth Matters as well as others.
Clements, Robbie http://www.robbieclement.com/ 608-423-3095
Follow Your Dream Songs and creative silliness to lift your spirit and fire your imagination. Take a little time for dreaming. Discover how to find your dream. Then, learn about setting your goals and planning for success.
CLIMB Theatre  Company www.climb.org 800-767-9660
Drama speaks a language young people understand, and when CLIMB performs in a gym or teaches in a classroom. . . .kids listen!!! CLIMB produces original plays and classes for K-12th grade on topics like:
 Bullying, Acceptance of Differences, Substance Abuse Prevention, Respect, The Environment, Violence Prevention
Close Encounters…of the Chemical Kind       www.k12academics.com 414-248-4399
A series of demonstrations designed and selected for their proven ability to stimulate student’s curiosity and assist them in understanding chemical phenomena (1 hr in length)
Deltano, Keith www.keithdeltano.com 888-772-9683
Keith Deltano has served and worked with youth for many years in various roles, including as a military police officer, public school teacher, youth leader, private counselor, and educational comedian. He draws on this varied background to reach out and share with youth.
 Freedom Education   
Denning, Mark Mark Denning email waepeta@yahoo.com
In an atmosphere conducive to opening hearts and minds, Mark engages the students by encouraging questions and participation. An Oneida/Menominee Indian born on the Menominee Reservation, Mark uses humor, story telling, and dance to challenge stereotypes and help students better understand American Indians, past, present, and future.
Dept of Public Instruction www.dpi.state.wi.us 608-266-1649
The DPI Student Services/Prevention & Wellness Team, consists of seven consultants versed in ATOD comprehensive school health programs. Available for consultation and technical assistance.
Dept of Transportation Office of transportation Safety 608-266-0551
“The Rest of Your Life” multi-image format introduced by a member of the State Patrol or Dept. of Transportation.
 Office of Transportation Safety   
 Drug Enforcement Agency  www.usdoj.gov/dea  312-353-7875
A variety of presentations and materials available FREE of charge.
 Farley, Tom  tfarley@thinklaughlive.com  608-209-1983
Tom Farley, brother of deceased comedian Chris Farley, is a presenter on AODA issues. He speaks from a family member viewpoint on the effects an alcohol/drug abuser has on other family members. Tom also discusses healthy decision making.
 Green Bay Packers  www.packers.com  920-494-5701
Call to request players and coaches to speak about various topics such as staying in school, away from drugs, football and football strategy, commitment to goals, and their own lives. Presentations available only January-May.
Imagination Theater, Inc. www.imaginationtheater.org 773-929-4100
The program goal is designed to create awareness and provoke discussion about human issues, including self-esteem, self-image, substance abuse, peer pressure and communication in an entertaining, non-dogmatic way.
 Inner Play Lakewood    715-276-7888
Mark Therrien, director, is dedicated to the therapeutic power of laughter and play. He believes they can be used to reduce stress, increase productivity, maintain positive attitudes, and increase motivation. Presents to educators, businesses, hospitals and parent groups  
Jones, Skip www.skipjones.net 715-793-4709
Folk music & story telling with strong emphasis on family values. Personal message about drunk driving.
Just Say No Magic Show   414-425-2457
Magic effects, audience participation, visual aids  Jerry Christianson 
Kirk, Dan www.dankirk.com  
Dan Kirk is great for all ages. He really entertains, connects and teaches effectively.
Kotecki, Jason www.kimandjason.com 608-554-0803
Jason Kotecki is an upbeat, lively presenter with a philosophy summed up as follows. “Have you ever had the urge to resign from adulthood and return to the days of childhood? Perhaps you’re like many people, in which your budget is stretched, busy is the new normal, and stress is a constant companion. Here is the crazy notion that there is more to life than the hectic busyness, cynical melancholy and overwhelming stress that is typical of most modern lives. Adultitis can trick you into missing out on the best parts of life. We believe that life is meant to be lived to the fullest, and that your life should be bursting with big dreams and an enthusiastic playfulness.”
McGowan, Mike   414-333-5040
Training, inservice and consultation on SAP, ATOD programs, EAP, youth programs.
 Motivational Media Assemblies www.motivationalmedia.org 818-848-1980
Tours the US with presentations about conflict resolution and substance abuse called “Harmony and Champions.”
N-CARE –  Josie Steltenpohl      715-723-3513
An all volunteer presentation by emergency room nurses. Hard hitting eyewitness accounts of consequences of drinking and driving. Gr. 9-12 & adults.
 Olsen, Phil    608-629-5605
Topics include stress management, training volunteers, outreach programs, alcohol and other drug prevention, motivation, and death & dying.
Randall, Karl   800-228-6393
Talks about openness, honesty, genuineness, and being a true friend. Well received by students who have heard him talk.
Real Kids Real Life www.realkidsreallife.com 888-477-2040
General assembly for students and faculty. Paul will stay all day to speak and meet with students in small groups.
Relapse Prevention Services www.relapse-prevention.org 414-258-8706
Training and consultation geared specifically toward students who have gone through treatment (may also be applied to student workshops and to other compulsive behaviors). Will design to meet your school’s individual needs and timeframes.
Rose, Steve www.peanutbutterpromise.com 920-427-7775
Steve Rose helps to encourage and persuade students to get and stay on the right track to a successful life. As someone who majorly “messed up” early after high school graduation, he delicately but boldly shares his journey of rebellion and ruin. From alcoholism and other poor choices, to finding hope and help through recovery and then by applying the Peanut Butter Promise and it’s powerful principles. The key to the 45-minute “PBP: Power of Purpose” is that he is able to convince students that their lives do have a unique purpose; their noble dreams will come true; and people will come into their lives to help them achieve those dreams.
Safe School Ambassadors http://community-matters.org 707-823-6159
The Safe School Ambassadors®(SSA) program was developed to help prevent and stop mistreatment and cruelty among 4th- to 12th-grade students. Since then, over 500 public and private schools have adopted this powerful program. As a result of having implemented the SSA program, schools report a reduction in violence, mistreatment and tension among students. The program also engenders increased tolerance and acceptance of diversity, as well as an environment that encourages higher grades and attendance.
Schaefer, Lisa www.shinewithschaefer.com 608-732-1041
Lisa does TRIBES training and also covers topics such as: activities to engage students, stress management and dealing with difficult people and more.
Schultz, Tim   715-835-1735
This presentation will focus on the stimulant drugs of methamphetamine, cocaine, and crack cocaine, marijuana and other drugs of abuse; what they do to the body and brain, review of the binge cycle and the different stages (high paranoia, hallucinations, “crank/coke bugs”, and crash); how they are made, packaged and sold; dangers to children, Drug Endangered Children, and signs of influence. The program consists of a very graphic and powerful PowerPoint presentation consisting of pictures, graphs and videos. This is not a “don’t do drugs” presentation. Rather it is a “if you choose to use drugs, here’s what you can expect to happen and why it will happen to you.” The program starts with a short presentation on marijuana and when time permits, I have added a short section on prescription drug abuse. This program is expanded to include other drugs of abuse in a Drug Identification presentation for teacher in-services.
Slim Goodbody Corp www.slimgoodbody.com 800-962-7546
Musical presentations. “The Musical Health Show” – K-4; “Attention Prevention” – K-6
Slowey, Dan   920-788-7761
Dan Slowey has facilitated many trainings, workshops, and seminars involving educators, parents, community members and youth. His seminars and assemblies are interactive, enthusiastic, and inspirational.
 “Sonny” Smart    715-346-3748
Smart, Sonny, a clinical social worker and American Indian who speaks to parents and youth about ATOD issues with native American families.   
Bob Steenlage Story    800-777-8778
The son of an alcoholic who was told he was too dumb and too weak to accomplish anything, Bob’s stirring account of his childhood struggle has raised the consciousness of parents and students alike. Program provides students, teachers and parents with a compassionate and practical approach to facing the complex problems of growing up in the world today.
Thelen, Peter   920-832-2750
Special Agent Pete Thelen is a captivating and informative speaker. He is very knowledgeable about Meth labs and general updates on illegal drugs.
Trooper Jones/Sgt, Terg   920-929-3700
Grades 7-12, adults/community or  State Patrol at 920-467-8226
Ventriloquism on the Move   414-933-0400
Mike Robinson and Woody provide unique entertainment for students and staff in a school setting. Their presentations offer a skillful display of ventriloquism, tasteful humor, educationally inspiring dialogue, music and song, with audience participation. The purpose of their presentations is to add a touch of laughter while inspiring youngsters in a learning environment. They have an uncanny ability to capture the attention of their audience and thereby effectively convey educational messages to students in a fun-filled fashion. Some of the script material available focuses on: self-esteem, cultural diversity, bullying, conflict resolution, drug free lifestyle and respect for individual differences.
Wieber, Rich www.richwieber.com 763- 421-4227

Rich’s unique blend of unbelievable bicycle stunts , inspiring messages, life lessons and humor deliver a powerfull twist to the school assemblies of the past. Rich has worked with the American Lung Association , D.A.R.E.,  S.A.D.D. , Police Departments, Hospitals , The National Brain Injury association,  anti tobacco campaigns, The boy Scouts of America and many more youth focused organizations.

Rich has a great story on perserverance and will power  that will relate to and reach the ones who need to hear it the most – your students. Rich has competed in bicycle stunt  competitions since the late 1980’s and has been featured on many television shows and other media outlets. Rich has a passion for inspiring children of all ages to go after their dreams and never stop until they have reached their mark.

Rich is proud to be a role model for goal achievment, healthy living and positive choices for the youth of America. On or off his bicycle Rich lives his life to the fullest improving himself and inspiring all who meet him.

Wiley, Pat   715-823-4770
Professional entertainer, folksinger, songwriter, musician-humor, self-disclosure attitudes, healthy messages.
Wilhelm, Matt www.mattwilhelm.com 630-923-5151
Matt presents exciting BMX School Assembly Programs for elementary through middle school students and also does family shows. His topics include: Bullying Prevention/Kindness, Never Give Up, Resilience and bike safety. Matt connects well with the students.
WI Assoc. of Children of Alcoholics   608-545-8127
Non-profit network of information and services to support and serve children of alcoholics. Can arrange for speakers and presentation on any related topic.


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