CTE Teacher Certificate Program Course List


General Methods of Teaching Vocational Education


You will learn how to use technology in the classroom to enhance your students’ learning through the utilization of higher order thinking, Google, and other technology integration strategies.  You will also learn about the Wisconsin standards in the area you will be teaching, along with some general information about the CTE program.  In addition, you will learn how to communicate effectively as a partner around their child’s academic progress.


Teaching Today in Wisconsin



You will learn how to teach equitably in the classroom using various classroom practices to engage students in a safe, supportive, learning environment.  You will learn how to meet the needs of all students, including special education students, those with a Section 504 Plan, Native American students, homeless students, and those students with behavioral and academic differences from other students. 


Classroom Management


You will learn classroom management and conflict resolution strategies to implement in your classroom, as well as how having a Growth Mindset and Emotional Intelligence can assist in creating a positive culture which impact student behavior in your classroom. This way you can spend more time teaching and less time managing student behavior.  You will learn what type of mindset you have and have the opportunity to create your own classroom management plan to take with you into your own classroom.  


Lesson Planning



You will learn strategies for engaging students in your lesson, as well as how to write a lesson plan which includes all the elements necessary to execute a well-planned lesson.  You will learn to create genuine classroom discussions among your students including questioning, set goals with them, how to teach them to assess themselves, and more.


Job Readiness



You will create an online portfolio which will include your resume, cover letter, letters of recommendation, transcripts, etc.  You will prepare to interview for a teaching position.


Upon completion of each course, a course certificate of completion will be issued.


If opting to take all five courses, upon completion, a CTE Teacher Certificate Program completion certificate will be issued.  

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