Revised January 26, 2005

NAME The name of this organization is Northeastern Wisconsin In-School Telecommunications (NEWIST).
MISSION NEWIST will provide instructional television (ITV) services to schools in northeastern Wisconsin. NEWIST will also serve as liaison for member schools with the Wisconsin Educational Communications Board (ECB) and with the Department of Public Instruction (DPI).
SERVICE AREA NEWIST’s service area is defined as those schools within the viewing area of WPNE-TV and WHRM-TV east of Highway 51.
SERVICES Among its services to schools shall be:

  1. Distribute program guides, schedules, newsletters and other materials relative to ITV
  2. Provide training in the effective utilization of ITV through visitation and parent/teacher programs
  3. Provide participation in the ITV selection process through FutureView, and Wisconsin FirstView and Wisconsin LastView
  4. Provide leadership in the evaluation of new technologies as to potential instructional use and effectiveness
  5. Provide liaison with other telecommunication technology providers
  6. Provide liaison with local, regional, state and national educational and professional organizations
Advisory Board The Advisory Board  will consist of one representative from CESA 6 and CESA 8, the CESA 7 administrator, the NEWIST Coordinator and representatives from NEWIST member schools.
MEETINGS Regular Advisory Board meetings will be held at least three times per year.  A majority of  members present will constitute a quorum for the transaction of business.
FISCAL The fiscal operating agent of NEWIST will be CESA 7, which will administer the operations of the organization. These operations will be governed by the policies and by-laws of CESA 7, as established by it Board of Control.The fiscal operating agent will provide staff necessary to provide NEWIST services in support of ITV.
AMENDMENT Amendments to these by-laws may be made by 2/3 vote of the NEWIST Advisory Board. Amendments will be presented at one meeting and a vote taken at the next.
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