Emma Toft: One with Nature


Historically, Door County, Wisconsin had many unique assets that attracted settlers to the area: beauty, biological diversity, fur bearing animals, fishing, logging. This video tells the story of a citizen, Emma Toft, who was well ahead of her time in the fight to save these assets from being lost forever. She was a leader in early environmental preservation and activism, and was a key figure in the preservation of The Ridges Sanctuary and Toft’s Point, two rare gems in the environmental world. Emma Toft’s character, determination, and persistence, were ahead of her time. Yet she lived an ordinary life growing up and working on the family homestead,gardening and preparing fresh food for family and visitors, enjoying wildlife and plants. Throughout her adult life she dealt with environmental issues many face today: controversy, opposition and challenges to preservation, boundary disputes, developers, poachers. Emma Toft: One With Nature tells the story of how her rare and priceless land was preserved for future generations.
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