Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide instructional television (ITV) services to schools in northeastern Wisconsin. NEWIST will also serve as liaison for member schools with the Wisconsin Educational Communications Board (ECB) and with the Department of Public Instruction (DPI).


NEWIST provides leadership and coordination of services to member schools to support classroom use of PK-12 instructional television and its related technology to assist schools to improve student learning. NEWIST is also committed to providing a platform for teen issues through its award-winning documentary productions.

A public or nonpublic school district may become a member of NEWIST by contracting with NEWIST and paying the membership fee, based on PK-12 population.

NEWIST is one of Wisconsin’s six Regional Educational Telecommunications Areas (RETAs). We serve both public and nonpublic schools in CESA 7, Cesa 6 and Cesa 8. NEWIST works with the Wisconsin Educational Communications Board (ECB) and the state Department of Public Instruction (DPI) in Madison to bring member schools the best of broadcast, online and datacast¬†instructional TV series aligned to the curriculum and to the Common Core Standards.

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