What’s Up with Middle School Guys?

What’s Up with Middle School Guys? chronicles the lives of middle school boys, going beyond conventional stereotypes of boys as they navigate through puberty. This hour-long documentary gives a voice to middle school boys, talking about their feelings, ideas, concerns, issues, self-concepts, relationships and thoughts on girls, family, school, drugs, puberty, violence, alcohol and what they see for the future. Recent studies show that boys are twice as likely as girls to be labeled as “learning disabled.” Moreover, boys reported that it is not “cool” to be too smart in class. Some disturbing facts about middle school boys include:

Adolescent boys are 4 times more likely than girls to diagnosed as being emotional disturbed.

Adolescent males area 4 times more likely to commit suicide than are adolescent females.

Four adolescent boys drop out of school for every adolescent girl.

Attention deficit hyperactive disorder is almost exclusively a male affliction–only one in six adolescents diagnosed as ADHD is female.

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What's Up with Middle School Guys?
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