When Nobody’s Looking: Teens and Ethics

When Nobody’s Looking examines ethical issues that teens are facing today. Cheating among students has grown at all levels due to increased anxiety about college and future jobs. The pressure to succeed through athletics has boosted the use of steroid drugs among teens.

Ethics has a distinct set of problems to work with, like obligation, duty, right, wrong, justice, conscience, choice, intention, and responsibility and interconnects with our values and morals. Some of the ethical issues shown in this documentary have different and overlapping values that come into conflict while trying to make a right vs. right decision: truth vs. loyalty, individual vs. community, short term vs. long term and justice vs. mercy. According to Who’s Who Among American High School Students, 2000, “80% of students with ‘A’ averages admitted to some form of acaademic dishonesty.” 30 minutes.

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