DotCom Therapy

DotCom Therapy

CESA 7 is proud to partner with DotCom Therapy! DotCom Therapy provides the highest quality of speech therapy, school psychology, and mental health services via computer, tablet or smartphone. All of their licensed therapists are carefully selected in order to meet DotCom Therapy’s high standards of excellence. DotCom Therapy is the solution to end hard to find staffing shortages and provide access to specialized professionals that fit a district’s schedule and budget.

DotCom Therapy will provide:

  • Direct speech and language teletherapy and related documentation, based on individual student evaluations and planned intervention goals on the individual education plan (IEP), plus supervision of Member District’s speech paraprofessionals when requested.
  • Consultative speech and language teletherapy, based on individual student evaluations and planned IEP intervention goals.
  • Complete observations, screenings, and evaluations of referred students through teletherapy, and provide written reports on request as required by Member District’s established special education procedures.
  • Develop IEPs for the school year, based on students’ identified needs for services.
  • Attend parent conferences, team meetings, IEP conferences, and other student-related meetings as needed to explain evaluation results, therapy services, and to develop IEPs.
  • Initial student setup, such as review of records and scheduling sessions consistent with IEP requirements.

DotCom support staff will also provide Member District with non-billable services such as onboarding Member District organization, facilitator training, and on-demand support to ensure service excellence.


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CESA 7 Business Development Director
Aaron Malczewski