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This is an example of a schedule for a student who is able to read and checks off when things are complete.

This is an example of a schedule that “flips”, the top layer comes off and there is the second layer (afternoon) underneath. Picture symbols are used.

This is an example of a vertical schedule using digital pictures to show what will be coming next. The student received a check mark symbol to go check their schedule and then can see what is next. The universal “no” symbol is used so the student doesn’t try to take the next thing on the schedule.

This is an example of a “choice” board for break/play time.

This is an example of a “mini schedule” the student has work time and matches the shape to the shape on the activity they are to do. This allows the student to know what order they are doing things in and to see how many items need to be completed.

This is an example of a schedule where a student is able to use first/then, a finished envelope, and also carry needed supplies in the binder.

This is an example of a mini schedule for a student when they get to their locker area. It shows them the order in which they need to complete the task.

This is an example of a choice board at a play area. The student is able to choose which activity they would like to participate in.


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