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Special Education in Plain Language


Part 1: The IEP Process


IEP team participants

IEP team|

Transition at age three

IEP team’s job


Evaluation procedures

Evaluation notice|
Consent for evaluation|
If parents refuse consent|
More than one evaluation procedure|
Information from more than one source|
Evaluations and tests|
Nondiscriminatory testing|
Valid testing|
Complete assessment|
Relevant assessment|
Review existing data|
Identify additional data needed to determine:|
If child has disability|
Present levels of academic achievement|
If child needs special education|
If additions or modifications are needed|
Administer tests


Evaluation  Report

IEP team decides if child is eligible|
Evaluation report|
Notice if child is not eligible


Individualized Education Program (IEP)

When in effect|
Who sees the IEP|
Parent copy of the IEP|
Required components|
Present level of performance|
Annual goals|
Benchmarks or short-term objectives|
Progress toward goals|
Special education and related services|
Participation in general curriculum |
Statewide assessments|
Beginning date, frequency & duration of services|
Transfer of rights at age of majority|
Extended school year services


Other IEP Considerations

Consider child’s strengths and evaluations|
Limited English proficiency|
Communication needs|
Assistive technology|
Review and revision
Lack of progress|
Other Information|
Changes to IEP without a meeting|
Withdrawal of consent for special education and related services



Placement decision process|
Least restrictive environment|
Continuum of alternative placements|
Nonacademic settings|
Consent for placement|
Effect of refusing consent for placement
Transfer Pupils
Within state|
From outside Wisconsin



Reasons for reevaluation|
No more than 1 reevaluation per year|
If reevaluation is not necessary|
If testing is not needed



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