Special Education in Plain Language


Evaluation Procedures

Consent for evaluation

What The Law Says

The local educational agency shall, before conducting an initial evaluation of a child, obtain informed consent from the child’s parent.  Parental consent for the evaluation does not constitute consent for placement for receipt of special education and related services.  115.782(1)(b)

What The Law Means

The school cannot give new tests in an evaluation until they have the parent’s written permission (consent).  Permission is for evaluation only, not for being in special education.

What Needs To Be Done

The school must tell the parent in writing about the evaluation.  If new testing is needed, the school must also tell the parents who will do the testing (if known) and what kind of testing they will do.  The school must get the consent of the parent before giving the tests.

What Parents Need to Know or Do

Parents can ask the school to explain the evaluation before giving permission.  Parents should be sure they understand what they are giving permission for.


Parents sign the consent form to give their permission for evaluation.  Parents should send the consent form back to school as soon as possible.  The 60 day timeline does not start until the school gets the parent’s consent.