Special Education in Plain Language


Evaluation Report

Evaluation report

What The Law Says

The individualized education program team shall prepare an evaluation report that includes documentation of determination of eligibility for special education.  The local educational agency shall give a copy of the evaluation report, including the documentation of eligibility, to the child’s parents. 115.782(3)(b)

What The Law Means

The IEP team’s evaluation report must include the reasons why the child qualifies for special education.  It has information from the team participants.  It will tell the parent if the child has a disability according to special education law.  The school will send the parents a copy.

What Needs To Be Done

The IEP team will write an evaluation report.  The report tells how the child has qualified for special education.  The IEP team decides if the child meets the criteria for a disability.  The IEP team also decides if the child needs special education because of the disability.  The evaluation report will give the reasons for these decisions. The school will send a copy of the evaluation report.

What Parents Need to Know or Do

Parents should make sure they understand why their child qualifies or does not qualify for special education.


If the parent wants to study the Evaluation Report at home, they should ask for a copy of the report and additional time.  The IEP team will schedule another meeting for writing the IEP.