Special Education in Plain Language


Individualized Education Program (IEP)

Participation in general curriculum

What The Law Says

An explanation of the extent to which the child will not participate with nondisabled children in regular classes, in the general curriculum and in extracurricular and other nonacademic activities.  115.787(2)(d)

What The Law Means

If participation in the regular class or general curriculum is not right for the child, the IEP must explain how much the child would not be part of regular classes or other school activities or learning what other children learn.

What Needs To Be Done

The IEP team will decide if, when, and why the child will not be in the regular classroom.  They will also talk about if, when and why, the child may be pulled out of the regular curriculum and other activities.  The IEP team will decide what modifications are needed for the child to succeed in regular classes.

What Parents Need to Know or Do

Parents need to understand why and how much their child will not be in the general classroom with children who do not have disabilities, learning what the other children learn.  Parents also need to understand if, when, and why their child will not be in extra curricular and other nonacademic activities, such as lunch, recess, gym, art and music.